9 Habits That Lead To Early Wrinkles

Many of the habits, even harmless at first glance, negatively affect the condition of the skin. And in conjunction with improper facial care, they lead to early aging of the skin – wrinkles and age spots appear. So to keep your skin glowing with beauty and health, change your habits, and make adjustments to your routine skincare routines.

Habits That Cause Early Wrinkles

Here is the list of habits you must quit if you want to prevent early wrinkles.

1.      Squinting Your Eyes Often

Crow’s feet in the outer corners of your eyes are often caused by squinting. The skin in this area gathers in folds and, over the years, gets used to this position. If you squint due to poor vision, it’s time to consult with an optometrist and choose the right glasses or contact lenses.

And when going outside, do not forget to put on sunglasses – you will not squint from the bright sun. In addition, they will protect the delicate cover around the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

2.      Smoking

There are habits that not only spoil the skin, causing the appearance of early wrinkles on the face but also negatively affect the general condition of the body. Smoking is, of course, at the top of this list. Cigarette smoke contains a large number of harmful chemicals. And when it comes into contact with the skin cells, there is an acute shortage of oxygen and nutrients.

All this causes the appearance of early wrinkles, age spots, and changes in complexion. Thus, you need to quit smoking or switch to a lesser harmful substitute, like vape. Vapes are not much harmful to the skin as there is no smoke. In addition, you can choose a tobacco vape juice that will give you a similar taste to cigarettes so that switching will be easier.

3.      Washing With Hard Water

What water do you wash with? If tap, then change your habits! It is not healthy for your skin as it is high in chlorine. And the entire periodic table, which is contained in tap water, dries out the skin and can cause irritation and early aging.

Soap, which many continue to use to cleanse the face, only aggravates everything. Instead, it is better to wash your skin with clean water (boil it before washing your face). Or put filters on the taps – then you can wash your face with tap water without harming your skin.

4.      Frequent Use Of The Sauna

A visit to the sauna and steam baths are procedures that are considered beneficial for the skin. The pores open, and the skin becomes clear. But the effect of hot steam on the skin becomes harmful when such procedures are carried out too often.

Many cosmetologists believe that too frequent steam procedures can lead to loss of elasticity of the cover. And wrinkles appear on inelastic skin. So do not get carried away with trips to the sauna and home steam baths for the face – one procedure per week is more than enough!

5.      Sleeping On Your Side And On The Stomach

Even the way you sleep affects the condition of your skin. For example, have you noticed that in the morning, there are traces of a pillow and sheet on your face? It means you are not sleeping correctly. When the face and neck are firmly pressed against the pillow, creases form on the skin.

And there it is, not far before the appearance of early wrinkles. In addition, in this position, the skin cells lack oxygen, which definitely does not make the skin beautiful and young. Try to change your habit of sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

6.      Drinking A Lot Of Coffee

Have you noticed that you feel thirsty even after drinking a mug of coffee? That’s right because the drink not only invigorates but also takes water from the body. It also such moisture from the skin, making it dull.

And dried skin will never stay young and beautiful. Make sure your daily dose of coffee does not exceed the norm. And after each serving, drink a glass of water to make up for the lack of water in the body.

7.      Avoiding Sunscreen In Daily Care

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the main enemies of young and beautiful skin. If you do not protect the skin from the sun, the natural aging process gets accelerated. Besides, collagen tissue gets injured, skin tone is lost, and moisture starts to evaporate from the cells actively.

Don’t underestimate sunscreens. And include them in your care not only in the summer; you should apply the product to the body whenever you are outside. It also doesn’t hurt to replenish your makeup bag with daytime face creams with UV filters. Also, now there is a large selection of branded makeup with SPF protection.

8.      Intensive Skin Cleansing

The skin needs cleansing. But if you wash your face with soap every hour and scrub your face every evening, this negatively affects the condition of the cover. Excessive dryness appears, and the risk to notice the first wrinkles on the face by the age of 25 increases.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser (foam or gel) twice a day – that’s enough to cleanse your face effectively. Use scrubs with fine abrasive particles no more than 3 times a week – they will not injure the surface of your skin.

9.      Overuse Of Sugar

By including a high amount of sugar in your diet, you not only gain weight but also accelerate the aging process of the skin. Sugar, if you do not limit yourself in its consumption for many years, leads to a loss of elasticity of the skin.

As a result, the contour of the face begins to float down, and wrinkles appear. This means that to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, you will have to change your eating habits – stop constantly chewing sweets and drinking packaged juices.

Take Away

Our daily habits may contribute to accelerate the aging process of the skin; as a result, the wrinkles appear earlier. Thus, to avoid such a situation, you must quit the habits mentioned above in this article to have healthier skin.