How I Fixed it? When “Avast Says My Router is Vulnerable!” [100% Works]


How I Fixed it? When “Avast Says My Router is Vulnerable!” (Podcast)

Whenever I tried to do routine scans avast says my router is vulnerable.

I re-scanned my pc. But still, avast says my router is vulnerable.  I was really feeling helpless because I had no idea that how to fix this issue. I was feeling there might be some serious problem with my internet security.

I started researching.

I started looking for a solution.

After looking at many sites I got the solution and I implemented it.

I restarted my PC and opened up my avast antivirus application and performed a routine scan.


That “Router is Vulnerable” error didn’t show up. I got a big relief after that.

My problem was fixed completely.

In this article, I have given you some really cool and actionable tips so that you can fix whenever avast says your router is vulnerable.

Avast antivirus routine scanning shows errors like “your router is infected” or “router is vulnerable” warning. This warning is a clear signal that your DNS has been hijacked and altered.

Read On! To fix this error permanently.


Avast is a universal creator and distributor of anti-malware and is one of the most preferred anti-virus installations.

If you receive a warning from them and you have the well-being of your devices upon your heart you better take action on it.

They use safety scans that might show you the susceptibility of your router to attack. This exemplar intricate your systems DNS may be commandeered and altered. 

This article will inform you:

  • What to look out for indicating your routers have been influenced/infected.
  • How to fix the Avast router error (router is vulnerable error).
  • How to safeguard and multiply your router’s defenses

What is mean by “router is vulnerable”

Routers that have been influenced or DNS commandeered are used for destructive motivations. Scammers do this to follow your system’s network traffic for data harvesting.  The reason that’s been done is to cultivate more malware and increase the attacks, even to use it to extort you somewhat.

 Here is How to Become Aware of Your Routers Infection

  • When your connection to the internet becomes real slow: Malware on your router may cause you to wait for ages before a connection. Scammers can use your bandwidth for their scamming activities. Connections that move slowly are not entirely at fault other factors can also cause it.
  • Hoodwinked sites familiar to you: There might be extra add-ons to your familiar site’s URL. There may be differentiation on the sites to those you are used to. These sites are usually marked or labeled by the anti-virus programs you used. All this points to DNS commandeering beware. 
  • Unrecognizable software: Check out apps you did not install for your computer or phone. Sometimes messages for installing some software may occur. Remember if you have downloaded any of those software and if not give it a wide berth.
  • Connections from unspecified devices on your router:  Log into your router regularly to look for unknown devices. Cross-check and inspect IP addresses and connections. There are wi-fi network scanners available to use for checking it. 
  • Change settings of routers DNS: Usually, your router uses a DNS server. It’s called the (ISP), these are auto-configuration settings. The danger is when the DNS server does not match the (ISP)
  • When access is denied to your router: Hackers are able once they influence the router to change all credentials. With this action, they stop you from uncovering their deeds.


When “Avast Says My Router is Vulnerable!” I Tried Tips Given Below

When you see this warning know the Avast message is real. Your router is been commandeered and its DNS changed. This will tell you a way to get rid of the “Avast’s router is vulnerable” error. 

  1. Reset the router’s factory settings: It will bring the router back to its default stage. All data will be wiped, network settings, and passwords the whole lot. This will rid your router of all possible viruses. Do the reset while your router is plugged into power. Most have reset buttons on them.
  2. Regularly update passwords: Directly after your router reboots, update your log-in information. Use authentic passwords and usernames. Reset and update settings always.
  3. Change from automatic to public DNS on your router: Sometimes Avast fails to recognize your DNS server from the ISP and would still send those warnings. If it happens it’s better to change from automatic DNS configuration to public. There is public DNS available from Google and some others. Search Google for those addresses.

Strengthening Tips For Your Router’s Security

Follow this advice so that your avast router will never show any error such as, “Router is vulnerable “.

  • Update firmware: Always update your router’s firmware. Most of the updates tend to the security of the router and blocks malware from assessing.
  • Renew login: Always renew log-in information. Makes them strong and authentic. 
  • Do a network name change: Your router usually displays the SSID(Service set identifier) as the network name. It indicates the network you use. Strengthen security by changing the SSID to something that’s not identifying with you.
  • Router Firewalls: Do not disable keep it on. Firewalls protect your devices’ viruses. Being the wall as it’s named to provide protection. 


Router virus influences are vicious. It allows hackers to steal sensitive information. If you get a message that warned you and it’s from Avast “saying the router is vulnerable” act on it and take preventative steps. The safest act will be to check regularly on your router’s security settings and alter them. Do not neglect. Whenever your Avast says that your router is vulnerable then fix it quickly.  

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