[Issue Fixed] Your IP Has Been Banned There was reCAPTCHA Dumbass..!!


Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will provide your network devices, such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc., an IP address once you’ve connected to the Internet.

You may be given a static IP address or a dynamic IP address depending on the sort of Internet connectivity you have.

Now and then, you might have noticed that your IP address has been banned there was reCAPTCHA dumbass, preventing you from accessing your favorite websites.

The answer to this problem, however, is in the section after this. Let’s first define exactly what an IP address is and some terms associated with it.

An IP address is defined as an Internet protocol (IP) address is a distinctive address given to any device connected to the internet, to put it simply.

The physical location of the connected device and the internet service provider can be determined using the IP address.

There are two sorts of IP addresses: Private Address and Public Address. 

Devices connected to a private network utilize addresses known as Private Address. Communication between devices on the same network is possible.

Whereas the Public Address is given by the Internet service provider, and it enables connected devices to send and receive data outside of the network.

Now, let’s discuss the different IP versions i.e., IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6. 

IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 are the two IP versions that are currently coexisting on the global Internet (IPv6).

All data is routed across the Internet using IP addresses, which are made up of binary values. IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long compared to 32 bits for IPv4 addresses.

In order to help our readers fully understand the depth of the issue and then to take the appropriate action, we have covered several key terms related to IP addresses in the above-mentioned points. Reverting to the reason we read this post in the first place.

IP address blocking is another name for IP address banning. This network service configuration is used to deny requests from hosts with specific IP addresses. It is possible to communicate online thanks to IP addresses.

In any instance, the IP address may be restricted due to shady behaviour or a management decision.

In reality, IP address blocking is frequently employed to thwart brute-force attacks and prevent access from a disruptive address. 

There are countless reasons why blocking your IP address might be necessary. Below are some of the areas that are mentioned.

Why IP Address Blocking is important?

  • Violation of a supplier’s terms of service
  • Limiting access from your region
  • Outlining secrecy
  • Preventing fraudulent exchanges
  • Using an IP address that appears in many entries.
  • Restricting access for users connected from infected IP addresses
  • Network Compromise and many more.

It’s time to give you the answers to your main problem.   Try the methods listed below to deal with it when you notice that IP address has been blocked there was reCAPTCHA dumbass.

The IP address blocked can be changed in a few different ways. It can be manually modified by making changes to the setup, by using a VPN or by utilizing a proxy server you can fix the issue of,” Your IP Has Been Banned There was reCAPTCHA Dumbass.”

Fixing the IP ban manually-

  1. How Do I Change My IP In Windows?

–  Disconnect your ADSL line from your modem or router if you are connecting via an ADSL line, then re-connect. You can also restart your modem or router.

 If you are on cable, do the following steps:

Step 1: Click Run from the context menu of the right-clicked Windows desktop icon.

Step 2: Type ipconfig /release into the pop-up box and press Enter.

run ipconfig

Step 3: Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter to run the command in the window that pops up.

  1. How do I update my Mac OS X IP address?

 –  Close all applications connected to the Internet

 – Go to System Preferences next.

  • Choose Network from the View menu.
  • Select Active Network Ports from the Show menu.
  • Uncheck the box next to the port that you use to access the internet.
  • After selecting the port checkbox once more, click Apply Now.

Fixing IP Address Ban by VPN

Your traffic is routed over the virtual private network (VPN) to its server, which hides your IP address and sends the information back to you. Therefore, if you use a VPN, websites will identify the address of the VPN rather than your IP address. When accessing a website, you can choose the nation or region you want to use.

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ProtonVPN and PrivadoVPN are some of the free and reliable VPNs.

ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access and Cyberghost are few among paid ones.

Fix IP Address Ban by utilizing a proxy server

By using a proxy server, you can also get rid of the message “Your IP has been banned there was reCAPTCHA dumbass.” It effectively resolves the problem.

And by clearing your cache, making a new account, or reinstalling the application, you can fix the user account ban.


A ticket-like IP address provides access to send and receive data over the internet. If necessary, the administrator or the tracking algorithms in place can restrict a user. And we are not left with many options but those mentioned in this article.

This entails utilizing a proxy server, a VPN (whether free or paid), or manually changing the IP address. Another option is to employ a dynamic IP address. Even if there are techniques to get around an IP block, doing so could result in a permanent ban if discovered.

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