What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked? (2024)

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked? (Podcast)


Smartphones, the world of every man in today’s modern era. How far you might go, how busy you might be, your smartphone should follow you.

These smartphones are even representing the luxury and comfort of a man too. This has made iPhone to takes it upper hand compared to other android mobiles. But, are iPhones Hack – proof? iPhones are not an exception to hacking. So, what to do if your iPhone has been hacked? Let’s be ready with few tips to follow for protecting your iPhone from hacking.

Hackers are the trick players who can get access to your device without your knowledge. They can gain access to the devices to steal your personal information, company’s data, sometimes they can hack you and your family members expecting a financial help.

Loss of charge in short usage, unfamiliar calls and texts, excessive popups, abnormal data usage, strange activity on device, noticing of unfamiliar apps on devices are all suggestive that your iPhone has been hacked.

This process of hacking can be happened in many ways such as Phishing, Brute Force attacks, Man in middle attacks, Physical access, Programming based hacking.

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked?

What To Do If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

We shall discuss few tips to protect the iPhone from hacking.

  1. Keep Your Cellular Data Off

Make sure that cellular data remains off when not in use. Once you find that your iPhone is getting compromised, then it’s always better to keep the data off. Keep the mobile in airplane mode followed by ejection of Sim card.

Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Delete Unrecognized Apps

There are chances where you would find many new apps popping on your home screen. If the apps on the home screen were not installed by you, and you find no use with them, then try to delete all the unrecognized apps on your iPhone. It’s always important to note that slow processing of the device is indicating that your iPhone has been hacked.

Click on Settings < Click General < Click RESET

If everything comes to normal you can proceed with your device with precautions. If you find your device is still not running properly, then CLICK FACTORY RESET on your iPhone.

  1. Erase Your Device.

A complete erase of the entire data is always advisable when any of your device iPhone or android are at risk. Make a back up to iCloud or Computer, so that it helps to keep your data safe. If you fail in making a backup of your data, then it’s time to make a fresh start with your iPhone device.

Click Settings < Open General< Click RESET < Click ERASE< Enter PASSCODE < Confirm.

Followed by RESET, RESTART your device

  1. Anti-Virus Software

Installment of an anti- virus software on your device, helps in cleaning up your iPhone device and protecting it from malware attacking the phone. When you caught up in a doubt of “What to do if your iPhone has been hacked?”, then an updated anti- virus software is the best solution.

  1. Avoid JailBreaking

Jailbreaking an iPhone is removing your inbuilt security access given by iPhone. We all are fond of personalizing the device as per our interests. But, this interest may sometimes leads to security risks. It is always advisable to prevent jail breaking your device,   to avoid it from hackers. It is best and advisable to download apps from device app store to avoid it from malware.

  1. Follow Encryption

Encryption is the very good solution to make things safer. End to end encryption is helps you to stay away from anonymous contacts online and to avoid hacking. Try to install apps which have security of end to end encryption.

  1. Avoid Using Charging Points

We are all fond of using wi-fi at public places. Charging stations, railway stations and other public places have this service of public wifi access. But, these public wi-fi has an access of Juice- Jacking the iPhone devices, through a USB drive.

Hackers can identify your device data through this USB drive.  AC outlets can also be used by the hackers as a source of collecting data from the device. It is advisable to use a charge – only adapter which can avoid the risk of hacking.


  1. Keep Your Passcodes Updated

Keep updating your passcodes regularly when you know that your iPhone has been hacked. Whenever you take a chance of updating iPhone, keep changing your passcodes. So that you can reduce the risk of hackers taking their access on your device.

Open Settings < Open Face Id and password< Turn Password On < Enter password of your choice < Re-enter the password and confirm it to activate.


  1. Authenticate Your Device

Prefer biometric authentication, which is known as multifactor authentication or two factor authentication while using online accounts.

  1. Keep The Data Safe

Open Settings < Tap Apple Id banner < Click Change password < Enter Old password < Enter New password < Open Face Id and passcode< change the passcode.

Ways To Check That Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

  • Appearance of new apps on home screen which you did not recognize.
  • A severe drain of the battery
  • Device runs hot, and apps start opening randomly.
  • Excessive data usage
  • The keyboard fails to work properly
  • Unknown entries of calls, texts and emails
  • Random popups on device.


Smart phones are storage boxes of all the information in our day to day life. One small ignorance of iPhone security may throw us into the dump of tensions.

It is always advisable to know the answer of “what to do if your iPhone has been hacked”, and get ready with the required solutions after device getting hacked.

Following proper settings and better maintenance, you can avoid ending up with hacking. Be yourself a guard for your device.

Keep updating the anti- virus software, maintain regular update of the device, avoid jail breaking and keep updating your passcodes. All these would help you to keep your device safe and secure.

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