My Email Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix it? [2023]

My Email Has Been Hacked How Do I Fix it

My Email Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix it? (Podcast)


Technology has made it possible, and easier for us to send and receive our mail instantly. It’s a good, easier and faster way. However, it has also made it easier for the not so well-intended amongst us, to log on to our electronic communications. Once they receive our addresses they create havoc in our communications. With an intention to get hold of our sensitive information and data.

Hackers use different ways to send us spam. It will be for our best protection if we can minimize the sharing of this sensitive data through our email communications. We need to protect ourselves by becoming security conscious. According to a 2017 investigation on data breaches it reports that 1 in 130 emails contained malicious malware. It is at a high rate, spam occurs annually and is predicted to climb even higher.

Malware programs like Emotet and Trickbot steal email addresses to feed these phishing and spam campaigns. We must make sure that the browsers we use are fitted with security software. To prevent us from complaining that ‘My email has been hacked, how do I fix it ?.’ However, if you already were part of or a victim of hacking it is imperative to learn how to prevent your email from hacking in the future.

In the article, you will get information on how to prevent your device from email hacking. Some only want to work with one email address and if it’s hacked it will force us to create another which in itself is devastating and annoyable. To rid us of these spammers is also not easy and one does not easily know if you’ve shared your email address with legitimate authority.

Phishing evolved daily: Here are methods used by hackers to steal your data. Learn how to protect yourself by using this guide.

While the crackdown on spammers has become more positive, it neither deter them from keep going on. Spammers had become more sophisticated and determined. They have moved in such a position as to acquire enough email addresses to spam. Yours included.


Ways They Use to Hack Email Addresses

  • Getting hold or guessing your passwords. Properly your password was too weak and easily guessable.
  • Downloading a video or any content without making sure if it’s free from malware.
  • Your devices’ security is outdated. Update the devices’ security software daily.
  • If you have clicked on links that contain malicious malware from a social networking site or webpage.


Email Has Been Hacked, How to Fix It?

My Email Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix it?

Now let’s consider that you were unaware of some of the important privacy Do’s And Dont’s and now you got to know, “My Email Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix It?” Then you need not necessary to worry much because here we have provided the best ways that you should immediately follow if your email has been hacked and fix it.

Here are steps to follow to fix your hacking problem, also to learn how to prevent it from happening.

1] Continuously update your computer’s security features. Spammers usually collect passwords enabling them to get into your communications. They install malware on your computer or iPhone through apps or links. Make sure your antivirus or anti-malware programs are up to date. You can do it through a setting enabling automatic updates when new features become available. Always scan your computer for viruses from time to time.

2] Always create strong passwords: It is highly recommended to create new strong passwords after the security programs on your device have been updated.

3] Create hard-to-guess passwords, but easy for you to remember.

4] Use lower case letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers mixed in your passwords.

5] Steer clear from using your information, your child’s name, cat or dog even.

6] Words that may be found in dictionaries are also easy for hackers to break.

7] Use a password manager to keep passwords in order and encrypted.

8] Inform your contacts by email if you were hacked and caution them about using the affected email. Warn them not to open it or click on links on your hacked email address.

9] Get smart and inform yourself about the dangers of spam, scams, or phishing: Phishing scams and spam have increased because of the desperation felt by the world’s populace and the scammers use it to further their causes.

10] Remember that no rich uncle or nephew that lives in another part of the world suddenly remembers they have another relation and sends money to the relation. Also if you have not played a game or the lotto remember you can’t win without playing the lotto.

11] Do not authenticate sensitive information online. Your bank or any authorized institution will not ask you for it online.

12] Make sure any program or app or game is legitimate before you download it. Look for reviews and read them on the app or game you want to download before the actual action.

13] Adopt two-factor authentication: Most email providers offer it as additional security. It requires both your email address and another form of verification such as your phone number or questions only you are privy to answer. Choose it to prevent email hacking.

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If your concern is, “My Email Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix It?” then follow the possible solutions/Do’s/Dont’s provided above and you will never become a victim. If unfortunately your email has been hacked and privacy gets compromised then also you can follow some of the tips provided above to prevent some further damages. Feel free to tell us which precaution/method you are going to try.