What You Need To Know And How To Play Fury Warrior In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

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Who is Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

What You Need To Know And How To Play Fury Warrior In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

Fury Warrior is one of the strongest raiding and farming classes with strong PVP potential.

This is an attacking war that uses the accumulation of the rage parameter and global cooldowns to use active skills for the strongest acceleration of physical damage for a short time. In addition, there are various skills for dealing combinations of physical damage and skills for increasing attack and movement speed, which makes the fury warrior class ideal for raids and solo farming and PvP against other targets, especially those with weak physical defense, or mobility. A warrior has enough defensive skills to survive most damage, provided that his offender reacts and counterattacks in a timely manner.

What has changed in the new patch for Fury Warrior in WoW Dragonflight

Now the Poke skill, which attacks an enemy and interrupts the casting of a spell with the prohibition of the use of the entire school of magic for 4 seconds, now has an effect of 1 second less.

The Titanic Throw skill, which allows you to throw a weapon at a target and deal damage to it and surrounding enemies, no longer affects an enemy that is under the influence of control skills.

Fixed a bug that prevented you from throwing a spear at a target if you were affected by the silence effect, even though it was a physical skill.

The Sweat and Blood skill that restores 4.5% of total health every 10 seconds now restores 3.5%.

Revitalizing Rage – A skill that restores 20% of health and grants 3 seconds of increased regeneration will now restore 15% of total HP.

Onslaught now works correctly, rather than randomly.

All the changes have not changed or destroyed the Fury Warrior meta, leaving him as one of the most relevant classes for PvP and raids with great potential for constant grinding. The onslaught fix makes the AoE more predictable.

The main skills used by Fury Warrior in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

What You Need To Know And How To Play Fury Warrior In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight
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Rampage – a series of 4 strong blows that consume rage. One of the strongest combinations of skills, depending on the strength of your weapon.

Enrage is a skill that greatly accelerates attack and movement speed.

Furious attack – a powerful two-handed attack on the enemy with a 20% chance to repeat the skill again.

Annihilator – allows you to increase the overall damage from normal attacks and accumulate the value of rage when they are carried out.

Blade Flurry is a skill that significantly increases the cooldown of Whirlwind and Slam, but at the same time increases their attack power by 80%.

Bloodthirst is a mixture of physical damage and lifesteal, allowing you to regenerate health in combat, which is especially effective against targets with low physical defense.

Rage of Odin is a strong AoE skill that deals high damage immediately and one more time additionally, spreading it over 4 seconds on the same targets.

The main characteristics for Fury Warrior that need to be developed in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

What You Need To Know And How To Play Fury Warrior In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight
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Each character has its own special characteristics that are assigned to the hero from the first levels and their development and affects success in farming and PVP. Often, bonuses can be enhanced with the help of equipment, but in order to properly collect equipment, it is important to understand what characteristic illuminates what and what it does.


The base stat for all warriors that rely on regular hits and skills and are dependent on HP often have strength as their main attribute.

This is one of the fundamental attributes that affects attack power and is important for attacking classes with heavy armor.

The strength parameter can be increased by high-quality equipment, which always has such a bonus if it is crafted by an experienced blacksmith, or obtained in a difficult raid.


What You Need To Know And How To Play Fury Warrior In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight
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Speed is a universal parameter that is responsible not only for the pace of movement, but also the speed of attack and casting spells.

Warrior is a melee class that needs to always be close to the target in order to realize their full potential and deal damage, but due to the fact that most opponents have dodges, distance breaking skills and various distractions and slows, it is extremely important to have a high attack and run speed to always be able to deal heavy damage and catch up with the enemy, and not just run after him and take full damage.


A parameter that is responsible for the effectiveness and strength of the applied skills.

If we are talking about attacking skills, then they can work with a vengeance. Debuffs will have a higher chance to pass, and empowering skills can work in a more powerful way.

With a high Mastery score, you can combine a series of physical skills and break through the armor of even the most durable enemy, not to mention players with weak defense indicators.

Critical hit

This is a parameter that gives a chance to deal double damage to the target when auto-attacking and using skills.

It is extremely important for a warrior to use the full spectrum of his damage, and due to the high attack speed and stable damage, which can be strengthened by limit skills, critical attacks will cause a huge increase in damage against bosses in the raid and other players.


A parameter that evenly increases the offensive and defensive potential of any class. It can hardly be called a priority, since each specialty has profile characteristics that really reveal it as a playable class, but for a warrior, versatility can be another source of sustained damage overclocking.

The higher the level of the versatility indicator, the stronger the attack and defense relative to other heroes, which will allow you to hit harder and survive longer under direct damage.