Top 8 Skills You’ll Need to Be a Good Poker Player in 2024


To the untrained eye, poker can seem like a very straightforward game. After all, it’s simply a question of being dealt a better hand than your opponents and then reaping the rewards.

But that is really just like saying playing chess is simply moving pieces across a board. In actual fact, poker is a game that makes huge demands on its players as well as one that can bring huge rewards.

This is because it’s a game that relies on having a huge skillset that you are able to use even under the greatest pressure.

It’s the challenging nature of the game that has probably made it so very popular across the world with an estimated 100 million players of the online version of the game and many, many more that play it in “live” situations.

To get an idea of its popularity you only have to take a look at the sheer number of online poker sites that there are today, with many more appearing all the time.

These make for the ideal places to start to hone your poker skills as there is a wide choice of games to play – but to succeed in any of them you will need to work on these eight aspects of your game.

1. Discipline

Top 8 Skills You’ll Need to Be a Good Poker Player in 2024

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs you’re well on the way to becoming an accomplished player. That’s because it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and emotion of a game, and that’s when you start to make bad calls. Often, it’s a question of realising that you’re in no position to win a round and having the discipline to throw in your hand rather than trying to beat the odds.

2. Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is a critical skill in almost every aspect of life. It’s the ability to anticipate future outcomes and make informed decisions based on available information. Strategic thinking involves analyzing complex situations, identifying patterns and trends, and evaluating potential risks and opportunities. It’s about considering all the possible options and choosing the best one that will bring the desired outcomes.

Strategic thinking is especially important in business and leadership. Business leaders need to make critical decisions that can affect the company’s success in the short and long term. They must be able to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to problems.

To become a strategic thinker, one must develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making. It’s also essential to be able to communicate ideas effectively and to be open to feedback and alternative perspectives.

3. Money management

Top 8 Skills You’ll Need to Be a Good Poker Player in 2024

As are all forms of gambling, the tighter hold that you have on your finances, the better you may do. Fighting against this is the sheer adrenalin that playing can produce. In many ways, money management is another side of the discipline that you need to impose on yourself. But, without it, you could well find yourself going bust long before the game’s over.

4. Concentration

Concentration is an essential skill for success in many areas of life, including poker. It involves the ability to focus your attention on a task or goal while ignoring distractions and maintaining mental stamina. Concentration can be difficult to maintain, especially during long periods of time, but it is essential for achieving peak performance. In poker, players must stay focused on their opponents’ actions, as well as the cards on the table, while maintaining a clear head and avoiding emotional reactions. By practicing and improving their concentration skills, poker players can increase their chances of success and maintain their edge at the table.

5. Perceptiveness

As well as concentrating on the cards, it’s essential to not only pay attention to other players, you really need to try to get inside their heads too. If you can use your perceptiveness to try to analyse their playing style and motivations, you’ll be streets ahead of them when it comes to bluffing for yourself and working out when they are trying to deceive you too.

6. Resilience

Top 8 Skills You’ll Need to Be a Good Poker Player in 2024

Being a success at poker is going to be a question of playing percentages. You’re always going to lose more hands than you win. You’re also going to play in some games where absolutely nothing seems to be going your way. This means that you’re going to need the resilience to dust yourself down, pick yourself up off the floor and get ready to go again. It’s tough, but it’s essential.

7. Patience

Provided that you have a good mixture of all of the above, then having patience is one of the final pieces of the jigsaw. It’s a question of realising that, if you wait long enough, your luck will turn, or your opponent will make a major mistake. It’s closely linked to resilience, but because it’s so important it has a category all of its own.

8. Memory

All the greatest players also have a computer-like memory – and this may well be why a computer has managed to beat a good number of them in the past. By remembering how similar scenarios played out and what strategies proved to be successful, or even fail, it’s possible to use this information to put yourself in a winning position too.

So now it’s time to get to work on developing all these skills for yourself – and when you’ve perfected them you’ll be quite a poker force to be reckoned with!