How To Prepare Your Space And Mind For An Online Poker Tournament


Online poker is an activity that has risen in popularity over the last few years. More people have access to the internet as opposed to previous generations, making them more likely to engage in online poker sessions instead of physical ones. This helps them indulge in their preferred pastime while avoiding the hassle of setting up a date and inviting friends over at a scheduled time.

If you happen to be more skilled at poker than your friends, you might also want to play against people at your level. Online tournaments are a good way to find where you stand when placed against real competition from around the world.

Before you decide to join an online poker tournament, there are a few things you should do to prepare your mind and space to increase your chances of winning. Here is a deeper look at them.

1. Do Your Research

How To Prepare Your Space And Mind For An Online Poker Tournament

As you plan your poker tournament session, learn about different tournaments and their hosts. Many websites host poker tournaments, so choose one that is the most convenient for you. If you want to play against competition worldwide, you can join a WPT online tournament.

Always be sure, however, to pick a tournament with a level of competition that you can handle. Poker rooms come in different styles and with different stakes. You may need to put up some money to join some rooms, so be prepared if that is the case.

If you have participated in online poker tournaments, it will help you study your previous performances. This will help you to build useful habits to help you gain an advantage during the upcoming tournament. Analyzing the habits of previous opponents can also help you predict and counteract similar playing styles later on.

2. Make Time For The Tournament

Once you are familiar with the upcoming tournament you want to join, note the date and time. Ensure you have nothing else scheduled during the same time you plan to play in the tournament. If you need to take breaks as you play, allow extra time in your schedule, so you do not end up rushing and tiring yourself out.

If you are planning to join a large tournament that might take up the whole day, set aside a different day so you can do the chores you might have needed to do on the tournament day. This way, you will not feel the need to interrupt yourself as you play to run an errand or do the laundry.

Let your friends and acquaintances know ahead of time that you will be busy on that day, and reschedule any meetings you might have had with them. This will ensure that you do not shirk any responsibilities that may come in conflict with the poker tournament. The added relief will help you focus during the tournament, especially if it is more difficult than you expected.

3. Prepare Your Space

How To Prepare Your Space And Mind For An Online Poker Tournament

The space in which you play online poker should be just as ready as your mind. You will spend a long time sitting on a chair in front of a computer screen. Therefore, making your environment as conducive as possible will benefit you.

Clear away anything that will not be useful to you during the tournament. Clutter on your desk is an easy way to distract you from what will happen on screen as you play. This might cause you to wander from your intended game plan or cause you to miss an important move from your opponent. The fewer visual distractions around you, the more focused you will be.

Another way to prepare your physical space is to play peaceful music and even light a scented candle to freshen the air. Positive non-visual stimulation can improve your memory and boost your attention span. This can help you keep a cool head in the tournament if things are not going your way or if you are losing focus due to fatigue.

4. Keep The Lights On

Be sure to maintain a constant power supply to your computer throughout the tournament. Keep background applications to a minimum while playing, so your computer does not slow down as you play.

The fact that it is being hosted online means that you might experience lag if your computer cannot connect to the tournament server. This means you cannot play in real-time and might miss some moves your opponent may make before you can react. Make sure, therefore, that there is a good internet connection between your computer and the online poker tournament server throughout.

Keep your room well-lit so that as the tournament goes on, your eyes will not be worn out by the glare from your computer screen. This will help keep you fresh as the tournament goes on and keep you safe from eye damage over the long term.

5. Rest Well Beforehand

How To Prepare Your Space And Mind For An Online Poker Tournament

During the days leading up to the tournament, avoid much physical stress. An online poker tournament can be very long, depending on the number of participants and their skill levels. Therefore, you should prepare your body well for the event.

Sleep well on the night before the tournament so that you play while feeling energetic and fresh for a long time. A good night’s sleep will also help your memory and improve your focus during the game because your mind will not have extra fatigue from the previous day.

Stretching and taking short walks is also good way to increase your stamina as you play and break some of the monotony of the tournament as you take your scheduled breaks. You can even take a cold shower before you begin to help you stay alert throughout.

There are many more ways you can use to organize yourself and be prepared for your next online poker tournament. Do not be intimidated by the size of the tournament or the potential loss of money should things not go your way. Poker is a game of chance, meaning if you prepare yourself well enough beforehand, your success odds will increase.

The best time to begin your preparation is now. Build up the discipline and focus it takes to participate in the largest tournaments and against people who match your skill.