How to unlock phone password without losing data?

unlock phone password without losing data


The digital world with smartphones are being flourished and is busy capturing the global world. The creation of smartphones is made with Android OS that can protect the data along with privacy settings such as Passwords. SmartPhones are today’s secret lockers to store all the sensitive information from photos to financial securities. If a day arrives when you forget device passwords, then that would be a black day. If you face such a situation, then don’t panic and learn all about how to unlock phone password without losing data. It is always helpful to know the tricks and tweaks which can keep the data safe even after the loss of passwords.

unlock phone password without losing data

Unlock any phone password without losing data

There are many effective tools that can unlock the device screen which is with password, pins and patterns. One among such tools is:

  1. Android Lock Screen Removal Tool

This works best on Mac and is rated with good reviews. This unlock tool can work on Patterns, Fingerprints, Pin, and Numerical or alphabetical Passwords. This can make the screen unlock without the loss of a single data. There are not many steps required. A Program must be launched and device information must be selected like the brand and name of the device. Give a click on the Unlock option which will be available followed by the launch of the program. Click Next for the process to be completed. This tool works better for this nightmare how to unlock phone password without losing data.

  1. Safe Mode

The other easy and possible way to unlock passwords is by Booting the safe mode. But, smartphones that have third-party access can use this tool to unlock the password without loss of data. This works after disabling the third-party application to reset it in order to unlock the device.

  1. Initially boot the phone into safe mode. This can be done through the power menu by displaying the Power Off Button.
  2. This shows a notification with Reboot to Safe Mode. Give a Click on it.
  • Clear the data from the lock screen or Uninstall and the n reboot the device.


  1. Forget Pattern Setting

When passwords are entered incorrectly numerous times, the device gets to show an option Forget Patternon the screen. But this cannot unlock any phone password without losing data it works only on devices with a version of 4.4. However, these are a few steps to be followed: –

  1. Insert a wrong password numerous times until you get a Forget password option
  2. Once the screen displays the option Forget Password, give a Click on it
  3. Then a screen appears with two options
  4. To unlock with a security question
  5. To Unlock with Google Assistance
  6. Click on Google Assistance and it asks for details of the Google account
  7. Enter your device’s Google Account Details and then an option of entering New Password appears on the screen.
  8. Enter a New password
  9. Confirm the New password and this changes your device’s password or pattern with your data on a safer note.


  1. Find My Device

Android Device Managers was previously used to change or add a new password for the lock screen, but this feature was now not supported for many android devices with a new version. Now, this is featured in smartphones as Find My Device, an application that can be used when the device is lost or stolen. On the other hand, this can be used to unlock the screen. This gives options like Ring, Lock, and Erase. Now, this is an easier way that is applicable to unlock any phone password without losing data.

  1. Visit on any other device or on a PC.
  2. Sign to a google account that is linked to your locked device.
  3. Three options will be displayed “Play Sound”, “Lock”, and “Erase”.
  4. Select “Lock”
  5. A notification appears on the screen from which you can select a new password and add a recovery mail.
  6. Confirmation must be given on your locked device and new password must be entered.

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Locking smartphones for security purposes, however, is a common thing these days. Simultaneously not remembering the lock information like passwords, PIN, patterns, etc. are also common issues faced by android users which forces them to think about how to unlock phone password without losing data?

Solution for a problem must be ready before a problem arrives and this article is with many solutions that can resolve the issue to unlock any phone passwords without losing the data.

Application of this can be helpful to solve the issue in an earlier note and keep the data secure and safe. It is also good to keep the passwords and patterns written on some note pads on the PC which helps in use.