Why is my spectrum router blinking red?

Why is my spectrum router blinking red

Why is my spectrum router blinking red?

Spectrum Wi-Fi Router – Spectrum is a big internet services supplier in especially the USA and it supplies lofty progressive internet functions to its users. When you come to the issue and have the question why is my Spectrum Router blinking red then know that it is an indication the Wi-Fi is not making proper contact, therefore, there`s a lack of transmitting. It is why the router is not able to log on to the internet.

In this publication, you will be guided to understand the issue and it will be made clear to you how to fix your problem. We will have a look-see into the lights on the router and what their purpose is. There are actually a few lights on your and all of them has a function one way or another


What is the function of the Spectrum router red light?

There are a whole lot of LED demonstrators on routers and modems irrespective of their make and design. These lights always show if the junction between networking systems and the router exists. It also shows the position of the internet with your connections.

Spectrum router lights might be blue or red. An unblinking blue light shows that your router is functioning optimally. While blue lights or a red light that blinks indicate that your router is busy to boot and logging on to the internet.

If you saw a red and blue light blink simultaneously one after the other, it means your router is updating the firmware. Do not panic and don`t disturb the process, it usually doesn`t take long. Without disturbing you will ensure that there is no damage caused to your device.

A red light shining solidly without blinking on your Spectrum router tells that there may be problems with your router that needed fixing. It is an indicator that it is not operating optimally and there might be dire trouble to fix.

It can also mean that your Spectrum router blinking red light meant that there is some fault with the connection of your router. When there are other lights blinking in tandem with the red light the problem might lay at your supplier. Look for the ISP on the router and contact them to be informed more.

Why is my spectrum router blinking red

 How to fix Spectrum Router blinking red trouble

Here is some way`s to use the fix

  1. Router or modem should be power cycled

Do it like this:

  • Switch the router and modem off and unplug the whole thing. If one of them works with batteries take it out
  • Wait for a few minutes- 5 minutes max. Put the batteries back. Plug into the power source and switch it on.
  • Wait for another few minutes till you saw the lights turn blue and stay solid.
  • Spectrum router light must have turned to blue right now.
  • Test to see if the issues are fixed.


If it persists look at another option:

  1. Ensure the wires are properly Functioning.

  • Make sure your connecting wires are in an exemplary state. Damaged wires should be substituted with undamaged ones. Ensure they are fitting well in the proper places. Pull out the wires and put them back in to be sure they fit snugly.


  1. Reboot Router appliance:

Just by doing a simple restarting of your devices can fix your issue. You can free and clean, memory or bugs from your device by this action.

  • Switch off, unplug and remove batteries if there are any.
  • Wait a few minutes – put batteries back and plugin again
  • Switch on and wait for the device to power up
  • Once it`s full-on power the Spectrum router blinking red light should have stopped. All lights will be back on showing that all is well.


  1. Spectrum Router reset:

  • Reset your router to factory default. To do this press the reset button. This button is usually situated at the back or on top of the device. Hold for a few seconds. After completion of this action, the lights should turn back on normally. Watch and see if the red light still blinks. If it still blinks, follow these directions to see if it can be rectified.
  • Do a firmware update
  • Move your router to another place
  • Make sure around the router is no physical interference or blocks.


Meaning of Spectrum router light blinking red

The Spectrum router light blinking red show that the Spectrum Wi-Fi is not operating well, thus it blocks the router to establish an internet junction. When this Spectrum router light stands solidly without blinking shows that the router is malfunctioning and indicates advanced trouble. Using the above-mentioned tips might help clear your trouble.

How to find Spectrum router settings

Open your search engine then type into the address bar Spectrum router IP address. You ought to find it. However, in most cases the IP address is on the router at the back of it. You can also try these URL`s – and



If you follow these steps mentioned above this issue can be a thing of the past with you also having gain the knowledge. However, you can make contact with Spectrum`s help center to help do it remotely, if you can`t fix the My Spectrum router light is blinking red issue by yourself.


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