7 Tips To Showcase Your Cooking On TikTok

    7 Tips To Showcase Your Cooking On TikTok
    7 Tips To Showcase Your Cooking On TikTok

    You have always been cooking something or the other in the Kitchen and passionate about cooking. Your biggest hobby is experimenting with new recipes and making your family try them out. Now you want to show off your cooking skills outside your family members. In addition, you wouldn’t mind earning money by showing your skills to the world. The best way to showcase your cooking skills is in a short video format, and TikTok gives you the space to upload quick video content for your audiences.

    After doing a fair amount of research on your fellow TikTok chef, you think you can easily make cook videos on TikTok. The reality of recording boiling and frying sounds is a little hard to end up pleasant. Budding chefs on TikTok also buy tiktok shares to get an instant boost on their initial videos. However, you must need filming, editing, and uploading skills on TikTok to succeed on #foodtok. Try these seven tips to help you understand the process quickly and reach the FYP on TikTok.

    Keeping It Simple

    You might think taking on complex recipes and showcasing your skills might be pleasant for your audiences to see. But you are mistaken, as many audiences prefer to watch recipes that are simple to follow. That is, simplicity is the key to starting as a chef on TikTok. Therefore, finding new yet simple-to-follow recipes would be best so your videos can reach a larger audience. For instance, if it seems approachable, your recipe is tried out by a user who discovered you while scrolling. If your video helped them make a new dish they enjoy, they will like, share, comment, and even follow your profile.

    Share Your Kitchen Hacks

    Sometimes you might feel awkward jumping right into sharing your recipes full-time on TikTok. You think your audience might feel bored or find it hard to come up with simple yet new recipes. In situations like that, try creating videos showing off your kitchen skills. For example, you can record a video showing your knife-holding skills and cutting speed. Additionally, you can share a tutorial video showing your audience how to hold a knife properly or the best way to peel garlic instantly. Finally, always share tips and tricks around the Kitchen that work for you. Sharing namesake tricks might decrease the credibility of your TikTok profile.

    Film From Different Angles

    When a video has good editing cuts and different angles, the quality of the video is boosted instantly by TikTok. So try using a tripod, a camera, and even an old phone with a functional camera. Filming different angles such as side, overhead and straight views can elevate your video quality. If you don’t have more than a device for filming, try recording chopping, stirring, and plating from a different perspective to attain a cinematic quality for your cooking video.

    Keeping It Short

    TikTok is a short video-sharing platform, and users are attracted to it because they can consume more content in less time. However, you must be aware that your audiences prefer watching a video of 30-60 seconds if it’s easy to follow. To decrease the time of your video, you can also list ingredients and full recipes in your captions. Many food TikTokers use their captions to share detailed recipes for their audiences to come back and refer to your video. Everyone likes a short video with plenty of information, so create short, exciting videos.

    Edit Creatively

    Edit creatively by adding voiceovers and on-screen captions to your video for your audiences to follow easily. You can also add some phrases that show your humorous personality to connect with your audience. Promote your TikTok videos with trollishly and land your content on many FYP pages. Add voice effects and transitions once you are comfortable using TikTok’s editing feature. Make sure to create videos encouraging your audience to try out the recipes rather than just watching the videos.

    Edit With A Third-Party App

    Sometimes to make creating videos more accessible for you, you must be able to find more straightforward solutions for editing. For example, it might be exhausting and tiring to film and edit within TikTok until you get used to its editing feature. Many TikTokers use Third-party apps such as CapCut to edit their TikTok videos for uploading as it has decent high-quality filters and effects. You can find CapCut on both Google Play and the Apple store for free to make editing easy for you. Create original content and make editing easy using third-party apps, so you don’t feel exhausted.

    Keeping The Set Quite

    Cooking videos mostly have cute ASMR that encourages your audiences to try the recipe. However, you must maintain a set without harsh background noise to get those sounds captured by your camera. That is no dishwasher running behind or a zoom caller screaming on the other side of the room. It would be best to have absolute silence to capture impressive ASMR onto your recordings. You can also try maintaining a gentle background sound if you cannot have a no-sound environment.

    Wrapping Up

    To become a successful food TikToker, you must be willing to break the rules and experiment with new recipes. You never know which perspective filming or the recipe goes viral. Always record in the morning or use lighting to attain a good quality video.