Best way to learn networking and security.

Best way to learn networking and security

Network security.

Best way to learn networking and security

Network security is a practice designed to maintain the productivity of your network and virtual information, including both hardware and software. It ensures the safety of any organization or small business network from attackers breaching into their system.

Network security is a set of layers protecting the vulnerability of the system between companies, government, within companies, and users, controlled and managed by the cybersecurity or agencies. Network security simply serves as it is named, security of the network.

A network administrator controls the authorization of data in the network. Users are provided with an ID and Password to access the program in their system.

Need for network security.

In the present online world, every single data is collected in the hardware of the system and cloud or virtual storage, giant enterprises depending on the service they provide require large storage of information to be efficient and productive are expanding rapidly.

Both small-scale businesses and large-scale organizations are on the computer network. Large-scale organizations have technologically spread across the globe with thousands of workshops and crewmembers.

All these systems work with different hardware and software with multiple operating systems. Because all of this is kinda out there, the attackers growing can have their hands on it. A network secured by cybersecurity protects everything by not allowing unauthorized invaders to disturb the environment of the system.

How to start learning network security.

Since everything is shifting on the internet as long as the threat is in the environment chances of attacks are high as well. But there is no direct way to become a network security expert. Before learning security there are many basics you need to clear, only then you can proceed to the main course.

Basics of network security.

It is important to understand the basic communication of the computer itself. You have to keep learning the knowledge of every platform software and hardware.

  • Computer networking; Router, Switches and access points, etc.
  • networking topology
  • LAN vs MAN vs WAN
  • Unicast, Broadcast, and Multicast.

If you want to expand your opportunities, you should get familiar with other operating systems like windows, network, mac os, and plenty of mobile OS.

OSI model.

The {OSI} Open systems interconnection uses diverse communication, there are seven layers of OSI and each layer has its function communication from below to above, the layer has communication protocol transmit with each other. OSI follows a simple internet protocol suite. It is a universal computer networking and very helpful in finding problems and troubleshooting them.

  • 7 Application layer
  • 6 Presentation layer
  • 5 Session layer
  • 4 Transport layer
  • 3 Networking
  • 2 Datalink
  • 1 Physical


The OSI is a logical model designed to communicate with subdivisions with smaller and easier components. Whereas {TCP / IP} transmission control protocol / Internet protocol is a standard protocol, it is a short version OSI with 4 layers. They exchange information between machines and applications and represent information movers from sender to receiver.

  • Network
  • Internet
  • Transport
  • Application


Protecting and securing below are different types of network security.

  • Firewall; both hardware and software firewall.
  • Basic network attacks
  • Denial of service and prevention. DOS
  • Digital signature and certificate
  • Network Access Control
  • VPN
  • Web security
  • wireless security
  • Email security
  • cloud security

Things to know:

Cryptography, application and web security, Identity and access management [IdAM] Vulnerability analysis, and system hacking.

After networking and security: what next?

Due to ongoing threats on the internet for both the users and organizations, cybersecurity is in higher demand and it is the right time to step into something different. And because of that expertise and professionalism, it is really important to get paid as high as possible. That’s why learning just the basics is not enough.

You have to pick up a computer language, there are debates about whether you need it or not, do you need to code to be an ethical hacker or penetration tester in cybersecurity. You can get a low rate job without a language but because of higher demand, the advantage must be taken.

Like Java [mobile application], python, SQL, etc.

The Command lines or windows command line is a text interface that does everything a mouse is supposed to do but with a keyboard. Practice command lines is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be ignored.

Network security Study material.

Network security beginners books:

Top-Down Approach by Kurose, Ross [book for beginner]

TCP/IP illustrated By Richard Stevens Vol 1 [First second and third books]

Network Security By Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner.

[Cryptography, PKI, Kerberos, IPSec, SSL/TLS, PGP, Firewalls]

Interconnection, Bridges, Router & Switches. By Radia PermanS

Network Security Certificate:

Network fundamentals.

CompTIA network+

CCNA Routing and Switching

CCNP Routing and Switching

Security fundamentals

CompTIA Security+

Special in security Vendor specific

CCNA Security

CCNP security

Network security Youtube Videos:

Network Security Tutorial | Introduction to network security

Cybersecurity full course

Ethical Hacking in 12 hrs HYPERLINK “”& HYPERLINK “”t=273s

Network security future and niche.

Network security is the beginning with so many doors open, But you have to choose and focus on one or two courses of study to be professional. With this wild exploration of this current hot domain, everyone is shifting to cloud storage.

  • Ethical hacker
  • Network and Security Specialist
  • It Security and Consultant
  • Cybersecurity Investigator
  • Risk Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Researcher
  • Security Administrator
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Security Auditor


There can be many ways to learn all of these, both free and paid sources available on the internet. It is recommendable to explore the free availability on Youtube, blogs, and websites. Education requires investment at some point, still, there are many professional programmers and cybersecurity players who have provided free sessions online, and unlimited books that offer everything you need.