6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Lab Grown Diamond

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Have you heard the saying about women, diamonds, and friendship? You probably do. It is true. If you want to impress a lady you need to give her the rock. Not any rock. There are many types of jewels, but diamonds stand at the top of every list of what ladies prefer on their rings. That’s fine. We understand it. Here, we have a catch. Really? Yes, really. There is always one. By now you should have learned this. So, the catch is what you must be wondering? Well, let us tell you. Diamonds cost a lot.

That’s right. Diamonds are expensive. It all varies due to size and clarity, but in essence, we are writing of expensive rocks. You could go and try cheap versions, but that won’t impress anyone. So, what could be the solution? This is the right moment to give lab-grown diamonds a chance. Have you heard about them? Yes, they’re real, and we’re not joking if that were your initial thoughts upon hearing our suggestion. There’s a plethora of reasons why you should try buying one of those instead of seeking a genuine diamond.

We are sure that by now we have your attention. So, considering that you’re still reading this article, let us convince you that lab made diamonds can be as good as the real deal. Is this possible? Well, we’ll leave that to you to decide. What we’re going to do is give you these six reasons you should consider buying a lab-grown diamond. Once you finish reading this great piece of ours, we are certain that we’re going to be on the same page. It won’t even be a wonder. After all, why should it be? We have artificial diamonds and let’s talk about them.

1. Price

6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Lab Grown Diamond
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A driving factor like no other. When buying a diamond the first thing you’ll be looking at is the size. The second one is the price. The cost of a real diamond can be quite expensive. If you opt for an artificial one, you can get a big piece but at a fair price. That’s right. You can have the best of both worlds. A massive, clear-cut piece, with lots of carats, near perfection, for a price that won’t kill your budget. If you want a comparison, let us tell you that the diamonds made in a lab are on average close to 40% cheaper compared to the real deal. Now, don’t think that this means that you’ll be getting a half-assed product. No, you’ll be getting a rock that’s high in quality almost like the real deal.

2. The Similarity

We can’t stress this enough. If you’re not an expert, and we know that you aren’t, as you’re reading this text, you won’t be able to tell the difference between real diamonds and artificial ones. This is the best thing about them. They’re as close to the real deal as even the smallest of details. To spot which is which you’ll have to be a gemologist. Even as such you would need a lab, and numerous tests would be necessary. Scientists claim that they have the almost identical structure of molecules. Isn’t this enough for you to consider a lab-made version? We think it should be.

3. Brightness and Clarity

6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Lab Grown Diamond
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As we said, they’re the same as real ones. Physically you can’t tell the difference. Because of this, they are an ideal option for any ring. If you’re getting married or are planning a proposal, you need to consider these. Another aspect that makes them close to the real deal is the design, sizes, and of course the cuts. But, there’s another aspect that makes them even better compared to real diamonds. The lab-grown ones are clearer and have more brightness. This happens because they are created in artificial conditions and not naturally. So, some of the shades present in true diamonds are not present in those made in a lab.

4. Ethicality

When buying a diamond one needs to have a clear conscience. This is not always possible. As you know, some of the greatest world diamonds are products of slave work, illegal mines, and wars, and have little ethical value. If you don’t want to come into contact with an unethical stone you are going to choose a lab-made one. With this choice, you guarantee yourself that you have a clear rock and not a blood diamond. Have you watched the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Djimon Hounsou? That’s as close to a real story as a movie can get, at least as far as the background of the film is concerned. The lesson is, that when you’re dealing with diamonds, you want them to be clean. That’s precisely what you receive with artificial ones.

5. They’re Environment Friendly

6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Lab Grown Diamond
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In the society we’re living in, this is quite important. More people should be worried about our environment. Why? Well, we only have one planet, that’s why. Future generations deserve it too. If you’re buying a diamond, have this in mind. Mining the real ones is harmful to the environment. In countries that are leaders in this domain, the environment is the last thing miners have in mind. The pieces made in a lab have no negative effect on our environment. The difference in the number of resources needed for real mining and for creating a lab-made stone is so great that there’s no scale to determine it.

6. Choosing The Color

This is an advantage that a real diamond can’t parry. If you want a real pink diamond, r a blue one, or a yellow one you might find yourself on an empty hunt. These are hard to go by. Even if you do find the right color, you probably won’t be satisfied with the size or some other element. This is where the lab-made pieces come into play. There are size, color, clarity, and brightness options for everyone’s taste and pocket. You can’t ask for more than that. The diversity of artificial diamonds is unparalleled. You need to have this in mind the next time you go on a hunt for a diamond.