Do You Want To Reach Orgasm Faster? Read Below To Know The Tips

All the women reading this article must agree that making a woman reach climax is quite a challenging task. What is the key to acquiring this pleasurable ride? The answer is spending more time doing foreplay and also gathering more information about the G-spot and clitoris that, when stimulated, makes it easy to give you orgasm.

You can look more about which sexual positions are best to give you orgasm more quickly.

If you are the one who wants to reach orgasm faster, welcome to the right place. Continue reading to know how you can spice up your sex life and reach the ultimate heaven more quickly. 

Make your pleasure the priority – The key to having great sex is open communication. It works well for your sexual health and wellness. Don’t forget to instruct your partner positively while having sex. For instance – Rather than telling them, “I am not liking touching you this way,” you can say, “I would love to get turned on by you touching me ___ (like that).” 

Practice masturbation – Most women don’t know how their bodies want to be touched. But let us tell you that the better you know about your body, the easier it will be for you to reach orgasm. Explore your body whenever you masturbate and see what turns you on. Experiment with sex toys from Mens sex store and also experiment with nipple play. Exploring your own body makes it easier to know your pleasure points, thereby helping to reach climax. 

The vibrator is a turn-on – You cannot deny that a vibrator is a great means to provide intense stimulation. You can use it while masturbating. Want to have the ultimate pleasure? Ask your partner to use it on you while you both have sex. 

Increase clitoral stimulation – Let’s be honest: Most vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Thus, ensure that your partner is focusing on your clit. Moreover, it is also important to know your own clitoris well so that you can communicate what you like. Run your clitoris in directions like up and down, clockwise, anti-clockwise, and at different pressure levels to know what is heaven for you. 

Foreplay is necessary – Before having sex, engaging in foreplay helps in reaching the orgasm quickly. Engaging in 20-30 minutes of foreplay is the key to make your sexual encounter closer to climax. Few techniques of sexual foreplay are – dry humping, making out, sensual massages, etc. 

Oral sex can raise the bar – Many vulva owners do not climax with only penetration. Communicate about these things to your partner and see if he is comfortable performing cunnilingus to take you on a pleasurable ride of orgasm.  

Final words

You can surely reach the orgasm by keeping the above things in mind. If you are still having trouble, do not forget to communicate with your partner well. Ensure a cozy environment and involvement of sex toys to raise the bar. With this, nobody can stop you from reaching orgasm.