Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises

Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises
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Your commitment level is high when you are given new challenges and exposed to enjoyable workouts. However, suppose training is boring or unpleasant. Aerobic exercises often fall into this category—you soon lose interest in the program and any progress you’ve made toward reaching fitness goals.

Cardiovascular exercise can be included in various ways, and yes—without the aid of cardio machines like a treadmill or elliptical. That’s because there are now iron cardio programs that use kettlebells to help you enjoy fun, effective, and convenient workouts! You can check the Iron Cardio Brett Jones pdf for a complete kettlebell routine that will help you get on the right track.

Kettlebell exercises are so practical that they can be used in place of a cooldown cardio session. You may do both cardio and weight training at the same time with them. Let’s find out why going out with kettlebells is so good for your cardiovascular health.

What Are Kettlebell Workouts?

Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises
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You may work out with kettlebells more efficiently because of numerous factors. In this piece, we’ll focus on the metabolic conditioning side. Performing kettlebell workouts can raise heart rate similarly to doing cardiovascular activities.

The kettlebell’s weight also increases the difficulty of the workout. Suddenly, you have a cardiovascular exercise that also builds muscle. You can think of the kettlebell as a sort of dumbbell. It’s a cast-iron ball with a handle and is highly versatile, so it’s useful for many types of workouts—cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

Benefits of Kettlebells Workouts

Training with a kettlebell has a wide variety of advantages. Let’s look at these advantages and how to incorporate kettlebells into your aerobic routine.


Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises
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Think about the kettlebell swing as an alternative to a barbell bench press. Most kettlebell routines benefit from being done for much longer. You can use more weight and do more reps when you perform a kettlebell swing. More repetitions translate to a more endurance-oriented workout.

A certain number of times, one can do a set of bench presses before reaching physical tiredness and having to stop. You can keep going and get more reps in when working with a kettlebell. The cardiovascular system struggles under strain.

Those last few challenging repetitions are what give your metabolic conditioning a boost during a kettlebell cardio workout. A wide variety of muscles are used in kettlebell swings. However, the chest is the only major muscle group that benefits from the bench press.

A robust cardiovascular system is one of the benefits of using a kettlebell for exercise. As a result, you’ll burn more calories and thus lose fat by increasing your heart rate.

Functional Movements

Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises
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Kettlebell snatches are an excellent example of a functional movement that can be trained with kettlebells. The everyday life movements engage multiple muscle groups and reflect the way we live in our world today.

You can exercise at home or in a park without ever setting foot in a gym. You need one kettlebell to increase your functional strength and cardiovascular fitness, this in conjunction with a healthy diet, vitamins and supplements such as Alpha Tonic are the simple ingredients required for a healthy heart, increased testosterone and muscle mass.

To a greater extent, more muscle groups can be engaged by using kettlebells since they encourage functional movement. When doing a kettlebell clean or deadlift, the legs and the rest of the body must function as one unit.

Compared to a biceps curl, you’ll see that these other workouts don’t quite compare in the amount of muscular work they do. Only the biceps are actively involved in a curl.


Kettlebells play a crucial role in high-intensity workouts. They complement interval training by increasing the resistance and adding an element of time pressure, as with goblet squats or snatches that are done at speed for extended periods. This arrangement enables you to keep proper form while significantly raising your heart rate.

Do some jump squats to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Interval training can begin after the intensity level is increased. The reps have been replaced over time, and the set has been performed for time. Just take a break and do it again. This is analogous to interval training or treadmill cardio.

When we have a set amount of time to do cardio, such as on the elliptical or bike, why not use that time to perform kettlebell exercises? Increased metabolic rates and better performance in steady-state cardio are also benefits!

Increasing a client’s caloric expenditure through kettlebell training, which also builds muscle strength and endurance, is an effective way to combat obesity. You should be aware of muscle growth’s importance to overall fitness. It helps boost strength and training capacity, among other things.

How Can You Design Your Complete Kettlebell Routine?

Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Full Body Cardio Exercises
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To maximize your results from working out with kettlebells, ensure that every part of your body is getting a workout. By doing five different exercises targeting the upper and lower body and core strength, you can complete an effective 20-minute workout anytime—no matter where or when!

Work with the kettlebell for 30 seconds, pausing for 30 seconds between exercises. (If you’re already rather adept, you can attempt working for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest.) Then, take a one- to two-minute break between sets. Carry out a total of three rounds.

Remember that the most effective kettlebell workout is the one you’ll stick to, so feel free to mix and match the exercises you find compelling with the cardio routines that best suit your needs and availability.

Final Thoughts

Kettlebell workouts are one of the best ways to get in shape, stay in shape and achieve your fitness goals. They’re challenging, fun, and highly effective—and they work for people of all ages. Just make sure you learn the proper form for each exercise before trying it out on your own.

This is why the iron cardio program by coach Jones includes kettlebell routines that contain a warm-up, skills building, workout sequences, and variations. It’s one of the best programs for people who want to learn to use a kettlebell properly and safely. It includes everything you need to get started—and stay on track—and detailed instructions for every exercise.

Be ready to sweat, challenge yourself and have fun!