Honor Suomeksi is Leading the Way Toward Future!

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HONOR was founded in 2013 and is a top supplier of smart gadgets worldwide. They are dedicated to building an iconic global tech brand and enabling a smart life for everyone across all contexts and channels. With a strategic focus on innovation, quality, and service, HONOR is committed to creating technology that, through its R&D capabilities and forward-looking technology, empowers people around the world to go beyond and, with its portfolio of innovative products, creates a new intelligent world for everyone.

Service, Quality, and Innovation

Honor Suomeksi is Leading the Way Toward Future!
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To support the development of its entire lineup of smartphones and other smart devices, honor suomeksi has pioneered several technologies that were the first in the industry. Before going on sale, every HONOR smartphone must pass more than 400 product tests and more than 20 global certification standards. 

HONOR offers consumers in more than 100 markets exceptional and effective services through its ownership of more than 3,000 service centers and 9 regional call centers. Good customer service will always keep them engaged and encourage them to buy again.

Inexpensive all-rounder product

Global technology brand honor suomeksi presented the vision of Embracing the Connected Future on the IFA Keynote stage at the ongoing IFA Consumer Electronics Show while also introducing the most recent HONOR N-series products to international markets.

The sleek and fashionable HONOR 70 offers the new Sony IMX800 image sensor for the first time, which boasts outstanding camera performance in its class. The new Solo Cut Mode, which offers a brand-new method for filming vlogs, is exactly what the industry needs.

Great achievements

Honor Suomeksi is Leading the Way Toward Future!
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This year, honor suomeksi has taken home 35 accolades from international media, 21 of which were given to HONOR 70 in a variety of categories. 

  1. Many of the world’s top tech publications have named HONOR 70 as one of the best IFA products. 
  2. One of the greatest Android phones of the year, according to top-tier global tech publication TechRadar, is the HONOR 70. 
  3. A reputable source of international business news, Forbes, called Honor 70 “a strong all-rounder.”
  4. Global tech and vertical media have also praised HONOR’s other brand-new N series devices. For those who choose to continue with Windows, the HONOR MagicBook 14 is “a wonderful work laptop and a great alternative to the MacBook Air,” according to Trusted Review’s review. 
  5. Notably, the HONOR Pad 8 won the Best of IFA award from the renowned music and entertainment publication Billboard for its remarkable performance in audio and video entertainment.
  6. Select European markets now offer the HONOR 70 for a starting price of EUR 549. Pre-orders for the HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8 are currently available for some European regions.

Final words

They have grown from a modest startup to a recognized global brand while seeing the radical transformation of the mobile sector. But one thing hasn’t changed: their commitment to using technology to improve people’s lives. The best smartphones, tablets, wearables, accessories, routers, customer services, and much more are offered by Honor, a promising business.

They constantly prioritize their clients and work to satisfy them with their offerings. If you purchase an Honor gadget or device once in your life, I’m confident that it will satisfy you and that you will always prefer Honor.