how to get peacock on firestick

    Nowadays, most of the Middlemen to Rich families have smart TVs that run on Antennas in their homes. This is the new trend that having an HD screen with a lot of smart facilities like the mobile phone is very much preferable. We will write about how to get peacock on firestick.

    In these Smart TVs, with HD screen, you can watch your favorite TV shows with better resolution, better sound quality, and apart from all these, you can get access to a large number of features – like recording TV shows, to watch your shows during a convenient time, and also you can run services like youtube on your Television anytime you want.

    Apart from the ongoing movies that are running on the Television, you can get access to hundreds and thousands of movies using the Fire Stick which is the new preferable item during these days. You ca n know more about how to get peacock on firestick.


    You can get this device through one of the largest Online Stores, Amazon at an affordable price. The Amazon Firestick is a streaming device for playing videos and movies by plugging it into your television’s HDMI port.

    like the streaming devices that ease you to watch various movies based on your taste, Firestick also allows you to watch the movies on Netflix, Hulu, and other apps.

    It can turn any television into a Smart Tv. But if you want to watch a paid service like Netflix, you have to pay for that service.

    The Stick is like a Remote control also has an inbuilt microphone within it. Command it like you command Alexa or Siri, and your favorite show will run.


    Peacock Tv is like Netflix. It is an online video streaming platform, sponsored by America. This service was launched during 2020, and within 2024, has gained widespread popularity. It supports several services like television series, News reports, films, etc. This service is free with some limited content available in it along with the supported ads in it, while through the premium version, you can cut through the ads, and enjoy more and unlimited content within this service. It was launched in the United States in 2020. Peacock got its availability on ioS devices and Apple iPhones and Apple TVs at the time of its launch.

    But in 2024, Peacock got its availability in the Amazon Fire Tv and Amazon Tablets.


    If you want to get a peacock on Firestick, and you are hovering over the Internet to know the process, here’s the article where you should be to understand every tool’s utility and the detailed process to use them based on your needs.

    So the question is how to get a peacock on Firestick. As you know peacock tv, unlike Netflix, comes with some free content. So if you are tired of paying the subscription fees for Netflix, Peacock is a great service that you can hope for.

    The Peacock Tv’s subscription plans are also quite cheap if you compare this with Netflix.

    So, in this article, I am going to discuss how you can get a peacock on Firestick.

    Well, I can count on two ways by which you can use to Install and get peacock Tv on Firestick.

    Peacock Tv is now available only in the United States and the regions surrounding the United States.

    If you are a Resident of the United States, then you can download the Peacock Tv from the Amazon App Store, but if you are not a US resident, then you have to take help using a VPN service or ask from a Third Party Source.

    Follow the Steps I am discussing below to get Peacock on Firestick.

    1. On the Home Screen of the Fire Tv, you will see the Find Tab, where you have to select the search button.

    2. Type in the term Peacock Tv in the search bar or search from the suggestions on the Peacock App.

    3. After you select the Peacock TV, select the get button or download it to have access to the Peacock TV. In this way, you can get access to the peacock on your firestick.

    4. Select the option “Open “ to launch the app on your Firestick and sign in to the account on Peacock tv using your account information or you can also create the account on it in a new way.

    Suppose, you are not residing in a US country, then you won’t find the Peacock Tv in the Appstore. In that case, you have to change your Amazon Country Account to get access to the Peacock TV.


    It is very easy if you think of changing your Amazon Account’s Country to get access to the Peacock Tv on your Television or Fire Stick.

    You can install a VPN app as you do for your smartphone, you have to install the VPN app from the App Store, then you have to change your location from your Country – suppose India to the United States.

    1. Now, open your computer and sign in to the Amazon account that you have.

    2. Select your Profile name and after that select Devices and Content.

    3. Select Change your Digital and Device Settings.

    4. Head to the Preferences Tab, and select the Country Settings.

    5. Now hit the Change Country to the United States – if the United States is not selected, and update the settings.

    After all these settings, The Peacock TV should appear on your Firestick. If that doesn’t show, then restart your Television and try to find it on the Device again.

    In this way, you can stream, new and Latest content, on your Peacock TV residing in your Firestick, with the free version or the premium one.

    Hope you liked the article and got help and guidance through this one on how to get peacock on firestick.

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