Why do my airpods keep disconnecting?

Why do my airpods keep disconnecting

Airpods as we know, are the updated versions of Earphones, which are wired, and the difference lies here that the Airpods, as the name suggests, are wireless and do not run based on plugging into the mobile phone, but they run on being connected with Bluetooth of the mobile device. They are well designed and facilitated to work with the iPhones and Ipads. We are writing about Why do my airpods keep disconnecting.

They have been released in 2016 and have gained ground in terms of popularity since the onset.

However, not all the designs of the Airpods are very much perfect but are equipped with occasional occurrences of disconnections. At first, it might look very normal and a situation that can be handled over time. But as days pass, the problem may convert into a hindrance and become very much irritating. However, the problem disturbs us even more, when we are in the middle of an important meeting over the phone or an urgent call, and suddenly it gets disconnected.

Today, in this article, we are going to understand clearly the possible reasons for getting disconnected often, and what is the solution to this problem. So let’s ponder upon this article now for Why do my airpods keep disconnecting.

Why do my airpods keep disconnecting

Problems of Disconnections

  1. Hardware Problem

In some cases, problems may persist over the electronic base of the airpods. Your earphones can suffer any physical damage with time, or they may come with an electronic base that’s inbuilt, faulty.

Since it is such a weightless product and of so much use, you carry them everywhere and anywhere you go, and because of that reason, you have to take good care of them, to protect them from any damage.

So this Hardware problem can Why do my airpods keep disconnecting at any time.

So a solution to this problem can be that you buy or find a protective case cover for them to thrive. Whenever you will use them, take them out, and keep them in that case for the rest of the time. Another thing that you can do is to ensure that your AirPods are kept clean every time.


  1. The issue with the Bluetooth Connection

This is a common problem of using AirPods when there occurs Bluetooth interference.

Suppose there are devices around your device having the wavelengths same as those of your Bluetooth, interfering with the connectivity of your AirPods. This can happen and ultimately lead Why do my airpods keep disconnecting. Interruptions with Bluetooth may occur when you are sitting next to a wifi router.


  1. Battery runs Low

One of the possible reasons for your disconnection can be due to the low battery of it.  They are wireless, and as a result, they need to be charged now and then to run efficiently.

Automatically, when the battery will run low, it will disconnect itself from the paired device.

  1. Settings are wrong

Sometimes, your device can have settings that are wrongly set, and as a result, they may suffer disconnection. So do check your Bluetooth settings often to avoid this kind of situation.

So review this setting and go for the solution to it.


5. Bluetooth Version may be Incompatible

The AirPods work great with the AppleiPhones and should have persistent Bluetooth 5.0 devices. Sometimes your AirPods can get disconnected from your device due to the older versions that your device is using.



Solutions to this Problem of Disconnection :

In many cases, the problem of this Disconnection can be solved in a very short time.

So let’s ponder upon the points that are to be covered in this article about how to get rid of this disconnection problem.


  1. Check the level of the battery of your AirPods

You can easily check the amount of battery that is left in your iOS. To check the battery level of your AirPods, follow these steps.

  1. Hold the AirPods close to your device.
  2. Just hold on for a few seconds, till the battery amount will be displayed on the screen of your device.

Seeing that, you will decide whether you should charge again to make the AirPods work.

You can check the amount of charge that is left on the mac laptop, by following the steps.

  1. Take your AirPods out of their case and then leave them out.
  2. Now go to our Mac’s screen and hit the settings button. There find the option Bluetooth, and turn it on.
  3. Then you can easily find the battery percentage of the AirPods, displayed there.


  1. Check whether you turned on your Bluetooth Connection

Sometimes, being in rush we forget to turn on the Bluetooth connection of the AirPods, and of course, due to that, the connection doesn’t take place.


How to enable your Bluetooth connection in iPhone?

  1. Open the settings on your device.
  2. Click on Bluetooth and switch it on.


  1. Your Airpods should be reset

Often it can be seen, that your Airpods are facing certain issues like charging is not occurring, or there are frequent disconnections. You can have a solution for all these issues by simply resetting them.

For resetting the Airpods, you have to remove the paired history. After you reset it, all the data will be removed, so when next time you will turn on your Bluetooth, your device will be the first to connect with it.

  1. Switch off the “Automatic Ear Detection”

Airpods contain a sensor that tells when they are in use and when they are not.

Sometimes, the sensor becomes unable to detect whether they are in your ears, to save the power consumption.

A slight change in the displacement of the AirPods will lead to Automatic Ear Detection and lead disconnection.

However, you can follow these steps to avoid this problem.

  1. Firstly open the case.
  2. Open the case and then go to settings, and click on Bluetooth.

3. Tap on the “I” button, on the right side of the AirPods, in the list of devices.

  1. Deselect the Automatic Ear Detection button, and hopefully, this will solve the problem.

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