Received an Origin Access Membership Code Email? (2024)

    Origin Access Membership Code Email
    Origin Access Membership Code Email

    Received an Origin Access Membership Code Email? (Podcast) (05:03 Min.)

    What is the Origin access membership code email? Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) adds a layer of security to your online accounts. Each time you perform relevant activities, such as a password change, it requires a unique code. 

    Codes are usually sent by text message or email. However, some games use standalone “authenticators”. Regardless of which method is used, it ensures that no one can access your password.

    Although it can be a pain sometimes (I get tired of having to use my Steam authentication whenever I log in to my account), 2FA works, and many publishers and developers have encouraged (or even required) that users enable it. Electronic Arts encourages Origin users to follow this trend with a free month’s Origin Access Basic.

    The subscription-based service enables unlimited access to all games for $5 per month to anyone who activates it before October 31st.

    • Log into your EA account to activate 2FA. EA calls it “Login Verification”.
    • Click the “Security” menu button to the left. 
    • You’ll find a “Login Verification” option in the middle of the screen.
    • Click the “Turn on” button to confirm. 

    You can have verification codes sent by email, text to your mobile, or via voice call. You can also have verification codes sent to your email address, texted to your mobile, or relayed via voice call. However, I prefer the text message option. When I request them, they roll in instantly, so it’s not clear how much improvement you will get.

    Origin Access Membership Code Email Notification sample

    The month-long free trial will start on or around November 1, although it might take a few more days to get the wheels turning. As long as 2FA is enabled on Origin before October 31, the free month will start on or around November 1. 

    You won’t be charged for November if you are an Origin Access Basic subscriber. Access Premier subscribers will get a month free. If you have 2FA enabled, how about a free month? You get a free month too.

    FAQ About Origin Access Membership Code Email

    How can I locate my EA account and access membership code email address?

    Click on the EA ID located at the bottom right of the client. Click EA Account & Billing. A browser window will open that displays a page called My Account. You’ll find a preview of your email address in the About Me tab.

    How do I claim my Origin access membership code email?

    In your EA Account Settings, redeem your Product Code

    1. Visit origin access official site and login in your account.

    Received an Origin Access Membership Code Email? (2024) Received an Origin Access Membership Code Email? (2024)

    1. Click on the Redeem Product Code tab.
    2. Enter your Product Code and click Next.

    What is an Origin Code?

    OPERA maintains the origin of business statistics and allows you to track reservations by setting up origins (the originating media source for the reservation) in Configuration>Reservations>Codes>Origin Codes.

    How can I get to my EA account with no email?

    @abc1239408307, if you don’t have access to your account email address, it is best to call one of our chat or phone support advisors. Contact our live support at You can also request a callback or start a chat.

    Will I be able to play the Sims with no Origin?

    Origin is required to play The Sims 4. Origin will prompt you to sign up when you install the game. The game client will then automatically launch every time you launch it.

    What is the problem with Origin?

    This is the first thing to do if you get the “login unavailable error”. Restart Origin by clicking the Origin icon in your notification area and clicking Quit Origin. Open Origin, then log in to your account.

    Will be Origin asking for a Steam product code?

    Your steam account cannot be linked to your origin account. This is why it requests a code. One origin account can link to your steam. Once it is linked, your steam will not link to any other origin accounts.