Which Setup Should You Choose For Trading: Laptop Vs Desktop

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It’s completely easy when it comes to gaming and choosing a laptop or a desktop because there are multiple sites and help from users and consumers. But what do you think is necessary when it comes to trading? Trading is a highly complex process, and if you are learning to do so or you have already learned and are looking for trading computers, you have come to the right place.

An excellent trading computer is designed to be superiorly fast and have a fantastic exterior to control all the trading and not make the computer slow. Some of the main components that you need to look after before choosing computers for trading are:

Check Your Computer Speed

You need a quick enough computer to keep up with the market data. Additionally, it must be fast enough to execute your software and perform the necessary calculations. The worst possible scenario is missing a transaction because your computer “needed a moment” to compile your requirements.

But the computers for trading nowadays only sometimes focus on speed because of all the advanced technology, speed never really lacks, and plenty of the trading applications like TradingView are all cloud-based. That means the calculations are not done on your computer and are all inbuilt by the application.

Check The SSD Drive

Which Setup Should You Choose For Trading: Laptop Vs Desktop
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This is a huge one: You must use a computer to execute your trading decisions, whether swing trading or day trading. The moment you turn on your computer, the computer starts functioning and works smoothly giving you everything you need. Getting too hot or having hard drive failures are two of the most typical points of failure.

To prevent a sudden computer shutdown, it must have adequate cooling. So when trying to get a computer, make sure that the hard drive that supports the laptop is an SSD drive or “Solid State Drive,” which is slightly expensive but along with that it will always help you in the future.

So in technicality, a desktop fits your alley when it comes to choosing a setup because they offer a higher SSD drive than any of the laptops do, which does not make you sell your kidney. Therefore, we will give this point to the desktop.

Check Your Need For Multiple Monitors

Sometimes trading looks like making secret government weapon codes with 7-8 computers all around the table, with everyone showing graphs and numbers. That is not true! Having more than two computers will not only empty your pocket, but it will also empty your brain cells.

If you are just starting to trade, having multiple screens may need to be clarified throughout your process, so it doesn’t make sense to have multiple monitors. But experienced traders require several displays because they require quick access to several data feeds at once.

We are looking for a comparison between these devices for experienced traders, so we again give a point to the desktop.

Lookout For Customizations

Which Setup Should You Choose For Trading: Laptop Vs Desktop
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Because your analysis and trading approach are relatively easy when starting as a trader, you might not need a lot of RAM and computing power. However, you might need to upgrade the components to improve the speed of your computer as your trading techniques and talents advance.

You want your PC to offer you customization options when you require improvements. Unfortunately, there is less customization space available on laptops than on desktops. The updates are typically more expensive than PCs when they do happen.

High Battery Life Is A Necessity

The battery life of a laptop is extremely important. When you’re travelling, your laptop will only sometimes be able to be plugged in and finding outlets takes work. You should be aware that your battery will not last for a short time as the manufacturer claims it will while you are using trading software. Therefore, whenever you are buying a laptop, you need to understand whether or not they satisfy your need for battery life, while on the other hand, a desktop will not have this problem.

What Kind Of Computers?

Now that you know what to look into the computer you are buying, you must be up my alley when I say that Gaming computers offer everything a trading computer does! Spending hundreds and thousands of your money for a particular “trading computer” is a scam you are falling into. The best computers for trading are gaming computers.

Some of the top computers you can buy are:

Which Setup Should You Choose For Trading: Laptop Vs Desktop
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The mentioned laptops are robust laptops that would fulfil performance-obsessed traders. It has a massive battery, an elegant display, and a thoughtfully made keyboard. And it is quite sleek.

Some of the top desktops you can buy are:

  • Dell XPS Desktop
  • Acer Aspire TC
  • OMEN 30L

All the desktops mentioned above are affordable and easy to use for trading. They have higher RAM and speed and provide you with a higher cooling system, making them ideal desktops.


In conclusion, desktops are one of the best devices for trading. They are fast, durable and extremely easy to use. They even have their drawbacks but compared to a laptop; they are superior. From maintenance to high cooling systems, it is a must well-preferred device. If you need a desktop for your trading, you can easily do so and have zero complaints in the future!