Show me my Browsing History [Best 6 ways to do so..]

Show me my browsing history
Show me my browsing history

Show me my Browsing History (Podcast) (5:12)

Browsing History is a record of information viewed on a computer by a user, particularly (with a web browser) a record of recently visited web pages, together with accompanying data.

Today’s article, Show me My Browsing History, is a quite a common topic searched on the Internet. Thus, we’ll assist you in all possible ways to find out more about it.

Your surfing history is well-maintained in Google Chrome or any other browser software. So that you can simply find it whenever you need to look into it.

You may peek at your browsing history on mobile and desktop using a variety of methods.

And if you don’t know how to accomplish it, then Google it: Show me my browsing history.

Show me my browsing history

We’ll tell you how to check Chrome browser history on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS in this article.

There is no need to install anything or download any additional DLL files in order to use History View.

There are several options for browsing history, as mentioned below.

  1. Use the menu to view history – In Chrome, go to the top-right corner and choose the ‘Customise and Control Google Chrome‘ option. That should be clicked. The ‘History’ option will now appear. More options will show if you move your cursor over it. Select ‘History’ from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be taken to a new page that displays all of your previous browsing histories. To launch the webpage in a new tab in Chrome, double-click on any of the available links.

  1. View history using command URL- You can also view your Chrome history by opening a new tab and typing the command URL ‘chrome:/history’ into the address bar. The history page will appear in front of you next.
  2. Use shortcut keys to view the history page- In Mac, hitting ‘Command + Shift + T’ and in Windows, typing ‘Control + Shift + T’ will open the most recent webpage from the history.

You can keep pressing these shortcut keys to reopen history pages in reverse chronological order (the last historical item will open first).

  1. Access previously visited pages by clicking thumbnails- On both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, thumbnails or favicons will appear on the new tab page. These thumbnails represent the most recently visited pages in history. As a result, you can open the page faster by clicking the thumbnails.
  2. Check history in the Chrome Android app- If you’re using an Android device, open Chrome and type “chrome:/history” into the address box, then hit “Enter.” In front of you, the history page will appear. This won’t work on iOS, unfortunately. You may also access history from the menu on the Android app. Chrome’s top-right corner contains a menu of choices. Now, tap on the history button to see your whole mobile browsing history.

6. In the Chrome iOS app, you may view your history- Tap the three dots choice button in the lower right corner of the Chrome iOS app. To see the history, go to the menu and select ‘History.’

These approaches will assist you in fast accessing your favorite pages. You can also use Chrome to bookmark a page and sync it with your Google account. This way, you’ll be able to access the bookmarked page from any device.

Furthermore, if you have hundreds of web pages in your history, you’ll need to utilize the search box at the top to find the one you’re looking for.

You can use the search box to insert keywords or a website URL. Click the three dots button next to the URL if you don’t want to type it in manually.

Select ‘More from the site’ to have the web pages visited just from that domain automatically filtered.

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And in this post, we have discussed all of the reasons for labeling this essay as show to me my browsing history.

Browsing history isĀ  a log of the information a user accessed on a computer, mobile or any other electronic device, particularly (in a web browser) a record of recently visited web sites and the data that goes with them.

On both computers and mobile devices, there are numerous ways to accomplish this, such as utilising the Menu button or accessing previously visited pages by clicking thumbnails. And there are many more ways mentioned above.