8 Ways to Skip Long Airport Security Lines: a Guide to a Faster Plane Boarding

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If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport security line for hours, you know that feeling of helplessness. You’re trapped there with no end in sight and nothing to do but watch other travelers breeze by as they make their way through the TSA checkpoint. It’s a horrible feeling! But there are things you can do to minimize your risk of having to stand in that crazy long line again. Here’s how:

1. Look at the calendar when choosing your travel dates

8 Ways to Skip Long Airport Security Lines: a Guide to a Faster Plane Boarding
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The first thing to look at when choosing your travel dates is the calendar. If you leave it up to chance, you may find yourself stuck in a long line during a peak travel time or out of luck if you’re trying to choose between two dates that are equally inconvenient.

Avoid holidays and school breaks. Just try again later in the year when there will be fewer people traveling (and thus fewer security lines). Avoiding weekends is also a great idea since people tend to travel less on work days.

2. Use VIP Meet and Greet Services

If you’ve got a little extra money to spend and don’t mind parting with it, there are Paris CDG airport VIP service that can help you skip the lines at security. These tend to be more expensive than other options, but they’re also less time-consuming and give you peace of mind so that your trip will be less stressful.

If your airport has these services available, they can be a great way to get through security quickly. The concept is simple: pay extra money in advance for an airline employee or VIP airport staff member to meet you at baggage claim and escort you (and possibly others who have paid) through security without having to wait in line yourself. You’ll still have your own TSA PreCheck or Global Entry card; the only difference is that instead of waiting in line with thousands of other people, someone else will take care of checking those cards for you—and maybe even taking care of getting your bags checked if needed!

3. Look for Private Security Lines

Private security lines are faster than regular security lines and are often used by frequent fliers who have been pre-approved for expedited service. They can be found at many airports, including John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, and Heathrow Airport in London.

These lines are usually located near baggage claim areas or at entrances to the airport, so check these areas before heading through a regular line. If you’re not sure where private security is located, ask one of the representatives working there—they might know!

4. Join the TSA PreCheck program

8 Ways to Skip Long Airport Security Lines: a Guide to a Faster Plane Boarding
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If you want to skip the security line, consider joining TSA PreCheck. This program allows you to enter an expedited security line that doesn’t require removing your shoes or belt, and it means you won’t have to remove your laptop from its case. To participate in the program, you must apply ahead of time and be approved by TSA. You will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) and a Known Traveler Number card; both are required for entry into the expedited security lines at participating airports.

5. Prepare for your trip way in advance.

  • Make sure you have all the travel documents you need.
  • Check airline regulations for liquids, gels, aerosols, and powders (LAGS) that are allowed on your flight. For example, most domestic flights do not allow any LAGS in carry-on bags but will allow them to be checked if necessary.
  • Check the TSA website for any updates on your flight. You can also download their app called MyTSA so it’s always up-to-date with information about all of their lines at airports around the US (and soon abroad). They also have a section devoted entirely to signage issues for security checkpoints and customs lines so if there’s something weird going on at your airport then this is where you’ll find it first!
  • Plan ahead for security checkpoints and customs lines by checking out what other passengers are doing when they get off planes—you might want to know where they’re going before heading back yourself later on down south!

6. Take an airport shuttle instead of driving directly to the airport.

When you take an airport shuttle, you will never have to worry about finding parking at the airport. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage or if someone in your party is disabled, it can be difficult to navigate through crowded parking garages or busy sidewalks. A shuttle service will make sure that everyone in your group gets on and off safely and quickly.

You also don’t have to worry about traffic jams on the way to the airport or find yourself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while trying to get out of downtown Atlanta at rush hour. The last thing anyone wants when they’re already stressed out is sitting behind a slow driver who has no concept of lane discipline!

7. Weigh your bags ahead of time

8 Ways to Skip Long Airport Security Lines: a Guide to a Faster Plane Boarding
Source: travelinglight.com

You can do this at the airport, but it may be better to weigh them at home beforehand so that you don’t waste valuable time waiting in line.

If you’re flying with a carry-on bag that weighs more than 7 pounds, check its weight before leaving for the airport. That way, you’ll know if you need to leave some things behind so that it will be within the limit. But don’t forget — if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you’ll have to pay extra fees!

8. Send your luggage ahead of you via FedEx or UPS

You can send your luggage ahead of you via FedEx or UPS, saving you time and money by avoiding long security lines. You can use this service to ship your luggage as early as the day before you travel, so if you are traveling on an early flight, this is an excellent option. Additionally, using these services to send gifts and other items to family members or friends is also a great way for them to get what they need more quickly than if they were driving themselves.


You can travel with confidence knowing you’ll get through airport security without having to wait in long lines. By following these tips, you can make your next trip a breeze and avoid any unnecessary stress.