Top Rated Scanners of 2024

A savvy buyer always checks multiple reviews before investing in a new product, especially one as essential as a document scanner. The best models introduced this year, such as the Fujitsu fi-8170 scanner, feature innovative improvements without sacrificing build quality or reliability. Here is what experts and consumers have to say about the latest in scanning technology.

Fujitsu fi Series

The all-new fi-8170 model received a glowing review from PC Mag and was selected for its Editor’s Choice award. PC Mag praised the fi-8170’s slim profile and effective scanner tray that works in multiple positions for differently sized batches. Also, they enjoyed that the scanner’s software is customizable. It can fit the needs of a highly specialized workplace setup or a more streamlined, simpler system. After testing for speed and accuracy, PC Mag placed the fi-8170 above 18 other scanners tested in 2024.

On Amazon, the Fujitsu fi-7160 is one of the best-rated high-volume scanners. It has over 450 five-star reviews, including many from IT professionals. These professionals recommend this scanner, specifically, for office setups because of its easy-to-use software. Other reviews praise its speed, as the scanner can handle hundred-page charts in medical offices, scanning them in minutes rather than hours. One consumer’s fi-7160 stood up to a decade of daily use.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Series

The ScanSnap line is powerful enough for businesses but also places an emphasis on simple controls and everyday functionality. This makes ScanSnap products ideal for home applications. Scanning receipts and bills directly into cloud files reduces stress by making these important documents impossible to misplace. Those working from home also benefit greatly from an office-quality scanner.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX600 is Amazon’s Choice for document scanners in 2024, with a 4.7 star average over approximately 2,800 reviews. Hundreds of users described dramatic advancements in productivity after using scanners that were years out of date. Many were scanning documents through printers not designed for the purpose and saved time with a dedicated scanner. Others also noticed an improvement from popular but unreliable pocket-sized scanners.

A mother of two and remote teacher enjoyed the easy-to-use touchscreen on the ScanSnap iX600. Another home user was able to convert her scanned documents easily to PDFs. She could then search for information on the documents, saving time she used to spend finding the information manually. For home organization, many consumers found that files scanned into Google Drive are easier to track and sort than paper files in cabinets or folders, freeing up space in their homes.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400 has a five-star rating on Staples’ website. Many users report much easier scanning than the printer they were using previously, with improved speed and image quality. An attorney praised its accuracy in scanning hundreds of important documents.

Thousands of Reviews Ensure a Scanner’s Quality

The power of online reviews is being able to see at a glance what hundreds or even thousands of consumers thought of a piece of new technology. Expert reviews also test a company’s claims and provide an unbiased opinion. A high rating on several websites, from all types of users and market professionals, is a clear sign of a quality scanner.