The ability to turn a selfie into an animated Pixar character may be amusing, but in June 2024, several media sources stated that such smartphone technologies may pose security dangers to personal data and information. The Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo app, available for iOS and Android, is a good example of this. Users who used the artificial intelligence program to digitally transform their selfie or image into a cartoon character and Renaissance-era artwork have leftover 91,000 reviews on Apple iTunes shops and Google Play as of this writing. Developed by Wemagine.ai LLP and available for free download, the Voila AI Artist Security risk is also a matter of concern. 

    If you haven’t used this selfie app, this article will provide you with information about what Voila AI does and what is Voila AI Artist’s security risk.

    What does Voila AI Artist do?     

    You’ve undoubtedly seen what the Voila AI Artist app does if you’ve been using social media recently. Voila AI Artist can create a cartoon, caricature, or renaissance-style portrait from a selfie or a snapshot from your camera roll by using artificial Intelligence. Look over some of your friends’ photos on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll find that the Voila AI performs a fantastic job and produces high-quality shots. Caricatures, 3D cartoons (think Pixar and Disney style), Renaissance paintings, and 2D cartoons are all included in the app.

    If You are free to use whichever application you want. However, taking into consideration the numerous offenses against the privacy of individuals, the question that arises here is are you aware of Voila AI Artist Security Risk? As per the terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the app, it can use the photographs you post in its marketing and advertising campaigns without your permission or remuneration. Even if you don’t use the app, it keeps tabs on your activities.

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    How much Voila AI charges?

    It won’t take long once you start using Voilà to come upon one of the app’s many revenue streams. To begin with, almost every photograph you post will be accompanied by a full-screen advertisement. Subscribing to the app, on the other hand, removes advertisements. The software will employ “Turbo processing,” although it’s unclear how much quicker it will be, and watermarks on photographs will be eliminated with a Voilà Pro membership.

    Voilà Pro costs almost $2 a week on Android or $3 a week on iOS, depending on the subscription plan you choose. A year’s worth of the app may be purchased for $21 on Android and $30 on iOS. Ignorant of Voila AI Artist security risk, people are enjoying the use of the app which shows the kind of influence it puts upon people. 

    Voila AI Artist and Risks Attached to it

    While the organization that runs Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo obtains data from individual users, it is not yet clear to what degree Voila AI Artist security risk provisions are efficient as compared to data collected by other apps. 

    The vast majority of Voila app users are under the impression that all processing takes place locally on their phones. This is incorrect. According to Check Point Research (CPR), a security research company that has conducted security analysis states that Voila AI Artist security risk should be considered by users. CPR points out that the Voila app sends facial images to its servers for analysis, even if there are no evident red flags at this time. There is a probability that in the case of a cyber-attack, malicious people may get access to personal information such as photos of the victims’ faces and other identifying information. 

    As per Check Research Point, “The app includes specific and unique installation ID (vdid) generated by Google Play when it sends photos for verification. These Face photos are linked to specifics user installations details.

    Wemagine.ai LLP, like many other app-hosting businesses, may collect personally identifiable information from users, such as how long a user spends on a specific page (usage data) and little files called cookies that are placed on a user’s computer or mobile device. The corporation may also collect browser information, phone models and purchase histories, photographs uploaded from the mobile device while using the app, including those from the camera or camera roll, and their metadata. These issues reflect the Voila AI Artist security risk and the vulnerability that is faced by the users. 

    Data and personally identifiable information may also be sent and stored on computers outside of a user’s home location, where data protection rules may be less stringent. However, when a user agrees to the firm’s privacy policy, they give the corporation permission to do so. Aside from law enforcement, subsidiaries, contractors, and third parties who assist the business, Wemagine can distribute personal data to other parties for any reason despite its claim on the questions of Voila AI security risk that it does do not sell or rent personal information to anyone else.

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    Final Thoughts

    We believe new users must be aware of Voila AI Artist Security Risks such as transferring data to servers for processing, even when we have no way of knowing if the corporation is doing anything unlawful or bad. In the case of a data breach or hack, you run the danger of having photographs of yourself or your loved ones in the hands of evil individuals.

    It’s your right to obtain a copy of personal information kept by Voila AI or to demand that it be changed, updated, or deleted from the company’s database. You also have the option of restricting how the corporation uses your data or preventing it from being used at all. In case you face Voila AI Artist security risk issues, please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about how your information is being used.