How To Get Files Mac wont download anything Safari.

Mac wont download anything

How To Get Files To Download In Safari On Mac.

Despite the fact that Apple permits the use of third-party browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, Apple’s native browser Safari performs better on Mac than any of them. However, Safari, like any other browser, is not immune to faults, and you may get numerous errors after updating your browser. People are having problems that their Mac wont download anything such as pictures, PDFs, and movies using Apple’s in-built browser.

Don’t give up if you aren’t able to download any media files on your Mac using Safari.

This is a pretty common problem among Mac users, and it is also extremely simple to correct. We’ve offered numerous techniques to fix your Mac and why your  Mac won’t download anything. Use the Safari browser in this post to assist you in resolving the problem. So, without spending any time, let’s get started.

On a Mac, look in your normal Downloads folder.

By default, the Safari browser saves all downloaded files to the Mac’s Downloads folder, although Mac users can change this location at any time.

As a result, you must check the default location to determine if the downloaded file is present there and You can also alter the location of the download. Let’s look at how:

  • On a Mac, open Safari and select Preferences.
  • In Preferences, go to the General tab.
  • To expand the File Download location, click it.
  • Set the destination folder for the downloaded files now.

This is the easiest way to resolve mac wont download anything.

Activate the ‘Open Safe Files’ feature.

Mac wont download anything

Safari provides an option that immediately opens all of your Mac’s secure files as soon as they are downloaded which is also become a reason why your mac wont download anything.

These downloaded files will not open if this option is deactivated, and you may believe the file has not been downloaded.

Although Safari’s ‘Open Safe Files’ option is enabled by default, it’s worth checking to see if you’ve accidentally disabled it. Here’s how to check whether the option is enabled or not:

  • Select Preferences in the Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Toggle the option to open safe files after downloading in the General tab of Preferences.

Check your Mac’s network connection.

If the first two steps failed, you may be unable to download files owing to a slow internet connection. In this scenario, you should try to stay as close to the router as possible, as distance has an impact on internet speed.

Aside from that, you could try changing your Router’s channel. To do so, type the router’s IP address into the address bar of your Safari browser.

You should pause any other network-intensive operations, such as playing an online game or streaming a large film, to allow the file download to finish.

Switch DNS Servers

Safari’s chances of finding a file’s download servers can be improved by using a prominent DNS (Domain Name System) provider. Let’s try using Google DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS servers. This is how:

Select Network Preferences from the Wi-Fi status symbol on the Mac’s menu bar.

Check that Wi-Fi is turned on in the sidebar. After that, select Advanced.

Toggle over to the DNS tab. After that, erase any existing entries and replace them with the following:

  • 8.8.8
  • 8.8.4

Try downloading the file again after saving your changes. Before you do that, flush your Mac’s DNS cache for the best results.

Check to see whether the downloads have been paused.

If you start downloading a file and then close your Macbook, the download will be paused. This is another reason why these files will not appear in your Mac’s folder. So you’ll have to start downloading the data all over again. To do so, open the Show Download icon in the top right corner of your Mac and search for any stalled downloads. Now, next to these files, press the Resume button.

Reload the downloaded files if necessary.

Another common reason for files not downloading is that large files become corrupted during the download process. This is why the download gets interrupted in the middle.

As a result, you can’t open the file in the ‘Downloads’ folder. The only way to fix this issue is to restart the download process. Check for any potential interruptions, such as shaky connections. This could be the cause of the files becoming corrupted in the interim.

To fix files not downloading, disable Safari’s plugins.

Using Safari on a Mac Some of the plugins loaded in Safari can cause issues with the browser’s usual operation. If you’re having trouble downloading files via Safari, consider disabling any plugins you’ve recently installed. Let us see what we can do:

  • Select Preferences from the menu bar after opening the Safari browser.
  • Go to the Websites tab and untick all of the plugins in the Plug-in column.
  • Attempt to download the files again, and maybe you will be successful.

Clear the cache in Safari

An out-of-date browser cache can cause all kinds of problems, like Safari not downloading files on your Mac. Examine whether removing it makes a difference:

  • Select Preferences from the menu bar by clicking Safari.
  • Toggle over to the Advanced tab.
  • Select the Show Develop menu in the menu bar from the drop-down menu.
  • On the menu bar, choose Develop.
  • Then select Empty Caches.



These are the tried and true ways for getting files to download in Safari on Mac. If your mac wont download anything which became a typical problem will be solved using one of these ways.