Insanity vs HIIT – Which Workout Burns More Fat?


Are you tired of doing the same boring old cardio workout and not seeing results? It’s time to mix it up and explore the battle between insanity vs. HIIT for burning fat – which one will come out on top? Get ready for an epic showdown as we compare these two popular exercise regimes and find out which reigns supreme!

Comparison of Insanity and HIIT

Insanity vs HIIT – Which Workout Burns More Fat?

In the modern fitness world, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Insanity workouts are two of the most popular ways to get in shape quickly. But when it comes to burning fat, which is better?

To make a fair comparison, let’s look at both workouts side-by-side and consider some key elements.

First is intensity: HIIT is known for its intense intervals that alternate between very high and very low levels of activity. Insanity on the other hand, is known for its sustained levels of higher intensity. While HIIT switches between periods of intense activity and then rest periods, Insanity keeps up with an overall high level of intensity throughout the workout. This means that while HIIT requires more fun and variation in order to keep up motivation, Insanity works harder by pushing your body longer before allowing a rest period.

Second is time: In general HIIT is faster than Insanity as it requires only short bursts of intense energy followed by a limited rest period between each break whereas with Insanity there’s no rest breaks during the entire workout routine. While HIIT takes less time to complete if you have limited availability this might be an important factor when choosing a workout program.

Third is results: Both programs are effective for fat loss goals but different people may find one type more effective than the other depending on their individual needs. Those who want quick results may choose HIIT since it can take just 20 minutes per session as opposed to almost double that with Insanity. Additionally, those looking for more stamina or endurance from their workouts may prefer doing Insanity due to its extended duration without any rest breaks in between exercises unlike those found in HIIT routines each requiring typically about 10 seconds per set in comparison. If you want to get more details about these two types of workouts and supplements that can help you bulk faster, make sure to check out

Pros and Cons of Insanity and HIIT Workouts

Insanity vs HIIT – Which Workout Burns More Fat?

These workouts are two of the most popular exercise regimens in use today. Both are designed to get your heart rate up, help you lose fat, and build muscle strength. However, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of workouts to help you decide.

Pros of Insanity

-Great for beginner exercisers

-Works your entire body in short bursts of intense exercise

-Builds aerobic capacity

-Burns calories quickly

-Streamlined workouts that can be completed quickly

Cons of Insanity

-Requires a good physical fitness level to participate

-Not suitable for those with joint problems such as arthritis or bad backs

-May cause injury if performed incorrectly or too vigorously

Pros of HIIT Workouts

-Great for interval training and fast weight loss

-Offers both high intensity training and rest phases, so it’s possible to reach higher levels of cardio fitness

-Time efficient due to shorter rest periods between exercises (means more exercise time)

Cons of HIIT Workouts

-May be too intense for beginner exercisers; needs a basic level of physical fitness

-Often requires access to weights or specialist equipment such as kettlebells or TRX bands

Factors Influencing Fat Burn

Insanity vs HIIT – Which Workout Burns More Fat?

While both Insanity and HIIT can be effective for fat burning, their efficiency depends on several factors. In order to maximize their potential, it’s important to understand these variables and structure your workouts accordingly.

Intensity: The intensity of your workout is a major factor in fat burning. When performing Insanity or HIIT, be sure to challenge yourself by pushing yourself to increase the level of difficulty as you progress.

Duration: Both Insanity and HIIT are based on interval training which allows you to give full effort over a shorter period of time than traditional steady-state exercises like running or biking. The duration of an individual session may be short – around 20 minutes – but it’s important to keep in mind that HIIT workouts should be repeated periodically throughout the week for maximum results.

Rest Periods: To ensure maximum efficiency during your workouts, be sure to include a rest period between sets so that you have enough energy for peak performance during each high-intensity burst.

Exercise Selection: An effective workout routine should combine 2-3 types of high-intensity exercise with low or medium intensity active recovery exercises such as yoga or stretching. This will help keep your muscles from plateauing and ensure that you are cardio-conditioning all muscle groups while still allowing some rest between intense intervals.

Tips for Successful Fat Burn

Insanity vs HIIT – Which Workout Burns More Fat?

No matter which one you choose, following these tips can help you to achieve successful fat burn:

  • Always warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before beginning your workout so that your muscles are ready for activity.
  • Increase the intensity gradually over a period of time, as your body gets used to the workouts and builds endurance.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after training in order to stay well hydrated.
  • Finish with some stretching exercises so that your muscles cool down slowly after each workout session.
  • Make sure to rest sufficiently between sessions so that your body has time to recover and repair itself. This is especially important when performing HIIT or Insanity workouts where the high intensity moves can be quite taxing on the body if done too frequently without proper rest in between sessions.
  • Find a partner or join a fitness class if possible — this will help keep you motivated on days when you are feeling sluggish and may help to push you harder than if you were exercising alone.


In conclusion, both Insanity and HIIT are effective methods of fat burning exercise. Depending on your goals, one may be better suited than the other in terms of intensity, duration and advantages within respective workout areas.

All in all, it’s important to keep your individual fitness goals in mind before making any decisions when it comes to Insanity vs HIIT – both are effective ways to burn more fat!