How to Maximize Yield and Quality of Autoflower Cannabis Plants


Autoflowers are loved because they proliferate and do not need a change in the light phase for flowering. They significantly simplify the process of growing cannabis, which is why more and more high-quality strains of autoflower weed seeds have appeared on the market.

What is Autoflowering?

Autoflowers owe their discovery to a unique subspecies of cannabis – Cannabis ruderalis – that grows in the north of Russia, in Siberia. From India and Sativa strains, auto flowers differ in their independence from lighting cycles. These plants do not need a change in lighting to bloom—cannabis ruderalis flowers naturally after 4 weeks of vegetative growth.

Modern autoflower seeds USA contain 10% Ruderalis, which is quite sufficient for auto-flowering and high cannabis yield.

Growing Tips

How to Maximize Yield and Quality of Autoflower Cannabis Plants

There are difficulties with growing auto flowers, first of all, it is relatively low fertility compared to photo flowers. However, modern auto flower seeds produce high yields that can satisfy commercial growers. It is enough to follow a few tips to achieve the maximum result.

1. It is essential to have the right seeds

First of all, the quality of the harvest depends on genetics. Therefore, it is worth investing in quality autoflower seeds for sale with good stable genetics. It is worth buying exclusively from proven manufacturers with a good reputation. Moreover, by investing in good autoflower cannabis seeds, you can be sure that money on soil, fertilizers, lighting, etc., is not spent in vain like you can see at

2. Do not transplant the auto-flowers into a second pot

Autoflowers react much worse to gradual transplanting compared to photoperiodic stamps. This is due to the fact that auto-flowering weed has a brief vegetation period. Because of this, they do not have time to recover after transplanting before the flowering period.

When transplanted, auto flowers can be significantly stunted in growth and development, resulting in smaller plants with fewer buds. In addition, the stress that is caused in transplanted plants can lead to the development of male flowers, which means potentially infertile ones.

All this leads to a decrease in yield, so you can plant autoflower cannabis seeds only in the pot from which you expect to harvest.

3. The pot matters

How to Maximize Yield and Quality of Autoflower Cannabis Plants

Pay attention to the pot in which you grow your seeds. First, the container should be significant – growers recommend using 15-20 liter pots. In a large pot, the plant will have enough room for root development, so the kush can afford to grow to large sizes. But do not overload the plants – too large pots mean a waste of soil and fertilizers.

Regarding the material of the pots, growers, according to their experience, advise using fabric pots instead of ceramic or plastic ones. Why?

  • They allow the air to cut off excess fragments of plants so that they do not rotate around the pots and do not bind to the roots;
  • Give the plant access to air, which maintains the temperature near the root system and the balance of the environment after watering or fertilizing, which in turn prevents the development of fungi.

4. Use Sea of Green (SOG)

This is one of the methods of growing cannabis, where many small plants are planted close to each other. The method involves optimization of lighting and maximum free space. After harvesting, the space resembles a sea of ​​green plants. SOG helps to get a large harvest in a record short time, so this method is very suitable for auto-flowering plants.

5. Monitor the quantity and quality of fertilizers

First, auto flowers need proper nutrition, since their growing season lasts much less. This leads to the fact that auto flowers need less fertilizer. Therefore, it is better not to overfeed them. It is better to start with 50% or even 25% of the recommended dose of nutrients.

Growers often prepare the soil by combining organic fertilizers: compost, peat, ash, fish or bone meal, etc. Such an environment is rich in micro- and macro-elements.

6. Stimulate root growth

How to Maximize Yield and Quality of Autoflower Cannabis Plants

Mycorrhizal fungi can be used to stimulate the growth and development of roots. They are added to the environment where cannabis grows. Mushrooms help absorb nutrients, protect against diseases, and stimulate the overall development of the plant.

7. Lighting should be 18 hours

Experts do not recommend keeping plants under light around the clock. The 18/6 (18 hours of morning and 6 hours of darkness) cycle is called optimal – it allows you to save money on electricity.

But during the germination stage, the seedlings should be kept under CFL lamps before returning them to the 18/6 regime and growing them under conventional lighting.

8. Water moderately and carefully

It is important not only the quantity but also the quality of the water with which you water the plant. It should be drinkable and not contain chlorine or fluorine. Usually, this problem is solved with the help of osmosis – water filtration. This will help control the presence of minerals in the irrigation water. The optimal pH for irrigation water is 6.0–7.0.

9. Watch the climate regime

Temperature and humidity are the main indicators of the environment for a plant. Young plants, including seedlings, prefer to be in a humid environment, while during the flowering period, the need for moisture disappears. Also, control the temperature regime – with the help of a fan, open window, heater, or air conditioner.