What Does Your Taste In Video Games Say About Your Personality?

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With the innovation in technologies, gaming has become interactive and interesting. You no longer have to set a play date with your friends to play video games. You can interact with them and with rangers too, playing games within the premises of your house. The video games are not only fun, but they engage you in competitions and bring in you the sportsman spirit.

Scientists have taken a deep dive into discovering whether video games are harmful and have come up with an interesting discovery: gaming personality types. Certain traits in games draw a definite section of people with simile personalities. It is the same as the favorite fictional character. According to studies, you will get inclined to a fictional character with similar personality traits to yours, and the same is the case with gaming.

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Now let us have a look at what video games tells about your personality traits:


What Does Your Taste In Video Games Say About Your Personality?
Source: 16personalities.com

If you are drawn toward 11th-century architecture and lifestyle, exploring the Skyrim and streets that belong to that ear, INTP is your type. The INTP types have logical thinking, objectified behaviors, and analytical notion. You are an explorer by nature. You work best under pressure, prefer playing by your own rules, and have a creative outlet in difficult situations.

The favorite gene that INTPs prefer is casual. Casual doesn’t mean there will be no tricky curves in the game you will play. Being an INTP, you will find new solutions to old problems and use your skills to bend the rule. You will find yourself bending the rule without knowing what marvelous deed you are doing. Winning will come to you as a surprise.


If you are confident, analytical, and ambitious, your character type is INTJ. You have an independent mind that focuses on solving rigorous problems. You can support yourself, and combined with your logical thinking, makes strategy-based games your favorite genre. If you are served with a goal, you will do whatever you have in your hands to plan, plot, organize and execute your vigorous effort. No situation will restrict you. As an INTJ, you will find out ways from all restricting situations.


You are reluctant to face conflicts. You are a stern believer in unnecessary routine or rigidness. You are a lone wolf, and teamwork or pessimism seems to you a waste of time and energy. This trait makes you reluctant to participate in games that are comprised of cruel, ambitious enemies and excessive pressure.

Adventure games with good narratives, where you can follow your gut and create impressive solutions, are a piece of cake for INFPs. You have the potential to outnumber the other personality types in the adventure genre. You will not enjoy games that have level grinding or capital accumulation. You are more of an explorer who loves being lost and discovering new territories and stunning scenery.

As an INFP, you have the potential to outshine other personality traits in the casual gaming category. It is another trait that shows how you are least bothered about winning and everything for you is about gathering experience.


What Does Your Taste In Video Games Say About Your Personality?
Source: 16personalities.com

The INFJ personality types prefer role-playing games that help people escape reality. When the INFJ gets their masks on in RPGs, you can overcome the inevitable situation with season skills. You are committed to moral values, and “saving the world” will take you to high limits in winning the game.

Sports and racing games are not for INFJ personality types. They have the zeal to get better and better with the world around them as their nature. You do not measure your success by winning. Rather, you want the experience to be a part of your journey. INFJs can find their heroic side in the reals of RPGs.


You are a curious explorer. You are a diversified and unique personality to discover easy to solve a problem. ISTP performs well in all gaming categories, but the adventure category is their heart. People always tend to confuse ISTP and INTJ personality types. However, the ISTP personality is more about here and now, unlike the INTJ, who plans strategies to help them in the future.


People with ISTJ personality types are all about racing and sports games. When people form this personality trait and become overwhelmed with the real world, sports and racing games give them a breath of fresh air. They work well under pressure, and thus games of this genre are suitable for them.


What Does Your Taste In Video Games Say About Your Personality?
Source: 16personalities.com

ISFP personality types are spontaneous. They are the ones who stand against an unannounced motion. If you have this personality trait, sports and racing game is not for you. The simple rules and the factor of winning or losing without any adventure are a nightmare for you. To conclude, in the right senses, adventure games are your heart’s desire.


You have a hero within who loves taking care of others. They love investing time to stay in touch with their friends and families, which is why they love superhero games where the hero is the savior of all.


You are a pro at debating and work well under unfamiliar situations. RGPs and the adventure genre are what excite ENTPs. They love to put themself in someone else’s shoes and experience the world from their point of view.

10. ENTJ

What Does Your Taste In Video Games Say About Your Personality?
Source: 16personalities.com

ENTJ are people with a cold and serious demeanor. You are a savage commander, fierce strategy planner, and commander. They plan their step based on rational thinking and tight logic.


We have covered 10 kinds of gaming personalities which are based on the Jungian typography personality framework. These personality traits tell a lot about how you are and what might intrigue, calm and engage your mind. This knowledge will help you in every facet of life, like personal development, dating, making friends, gaming, etc., so what is your personality type?