Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security?

Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security

Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security?

If you use an iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will see a notification showing your security is weak. Apple, the creator of the iPhone, is warning you about the router you connected to. They mean to warn you that the router you use uses an old and not too secure way of encryption. So read article of Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security and solve this issues.

Changes in Wi-Fi security standards

Apple`s warning did all begin with iOS 14. The iOS 14 is Apple`s latest updated feature with improved widgets on your home screen. A fresh experience to spontaneously rearrange apps in the App Library. The warnings mainly relate to Wi-Fi networks that use outdated Wi-Fi network security. Those are standards such as WEP, WPA, or WPA2 versions. Wi-Fi builders and creators use these encryption standards to keep your data from being stolen. It also helps protect you from unauthorized people using your connection.

Whenever your iPhone displays the notification “Weak Security”, it`s a caution that your connection to the Wi-Fi is not secure because the Wi-Fi uses encryption that`s not too secure. When you are serving the internet, what you are busy with at that moment can be picked up by an intruder. To rest easy, technically, this is not an issue with your iPhone, but the problem lies with the router you connected to. To fix this issue is a matter of controlling your Wi-Fi`s entry point. However, to calm the insistence of your iPhone, you should configure your Wi-Fi to enable the newest WPA3 security standard.

Older Wi-Fi versions did not support the new WPA3 security standards since it was launched in 2018. If you have the older version, you must upgrade to the latest. The upgrade can be costly, and it is recommended that you first make sure if the older version can be transitioned to WPA2 or WPA3. It`s been indicated that you can also use WPA2 Personal (AES); it`s only the other WPA2 (TKIP) that`s been found to be insecure                Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security

Upgrade Wi-Fi Security – How to: Log in to your Wi-Find change your security levels:

Example: If you operate a sinology router – log in, click on“Wi-Fi connect,” then “Wireless” withinside the sidebar. Choose “Security Level” from the drop-down menu and choose “WPA2-Personal,” or WPA2/WPA3-Personal,” or every other WPA3 option.

Note: If control over the Wi-Fi entry point is zero, then you would have no way to fix the “Weak Security” alert. Contact your service provider to see if they can do something about it. Or it would be best if you connected to a safer Wi-Fi network.

If you upgrade and purchase one, you should remember to avoid WEP, WPA (without 2or 3), and the WPA (TKIT) versions in your choice of a new router. Let them check it for you at the purchase point to ensure the configuration list doesn`t mention “TKIP.” If you get Wi-Fi with AES encryption, then you are nevertheless stable.

Once you install, you’re your new router or the old version with the proper standards; you must remember that instructions will vary. You must search for a security setting for SSID. After finding it click “Apply or Save” in the router’s design confluence. Retry connection to the entry point with your iPhone. The “Weak Security” alert must be gone now. About the Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security.


Remember that technology and the devices used continually evolve, and it will be wise to keep track of it and upgrade whenever possible to remain secure. Cybercriminals out there are just waiting for a chance of a “Weak Security” point to make their moves. It`s for your best to stay updated and informed to Why does my Wi-Fi say weak security.

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