Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture
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It takes a lot of work to open a restaurant, and the choices you make today will have an impact on your future. The choice of restaurant décor is crucial since it impacts the establishment’s personality and look. When the alternatives are as diverse as restaurant concepts, how can you choose suitable furniture?

Continue reading for a thorough explanation of every restaurant furniture item required, information on the many buying options available, the benefits and drawbacks associated with each, and more.

List of Restaurants’ Furniture

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide
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  1. Square tables work well for larger groups, whereas circular tables are frequently used for smaller gatherings.
  2. One of the most essential furniture purchases for a restaurant’s visual appeal is its chairs.
  3. Sofas are comfortable and perfect in restaurants’ waiting areas and lounges.
  4. Coffee tables are generally found at cafés compared to standard restaurant tables.
  5. For parties of four or more people, booths are excellent for fostering a cozier environment.
  6. A bar provides a relaxing environment for dining and drinking (consider the size of your establishment and the bar stools).
  7. To assist in establishing the atmosphere of the bar area, bar chairs can be formal or informal.
  8. Water-Resistant Tables and Chairs: Make sure the restaurant’s outside furniture is constructed of sturdy, UV-resistant materials.
  9. Patio umbrellas are typically made of polyester and acrylic canvas, two of the most common materials. The most expensive choice, an awning, frequently provides the most sun protection.
  10. Prep tables are an essential part of every kitchen, whether they are made of wood (commonly used in bakeries), metal (the most common material), or polytope (which serves as a chopping board).
  11. Metal racks and shelves hold pots, pantry goods, etc.
  12. A compartment washbasin is required at the back of the house (sinks may have many compartments).
  13. Ovens come in various designs, including conventional, combination, conveyor, and others.
  14. Choose between an electric and a gas range as your kitchen’s best solution (again, consider your power cost).
  15. You can choose a hand, countertop, or floor mixer when you buy one.
  16. Large sofas offer comfortable, space-saving seating for your personnel and serve as lockers for staff possessions.
  17. A washbasin where staff members can wash their hands during breaks
  18. The ideal location to keep receipts, bills, and other essential business papers is in file cabinets.

Buying Second-hand Furniture

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide
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Using restaurant furniture to adorn your home could be cost-effective. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of buying old restaurant furniture for sale:


  1. Quantity! Almost often, old goods are less expensive than new ones.
  2. If the furniture has been for sale for a while, you can haggle and determine your price.
  3. The guarantee could still cover some of the furniture.


  1. It could be challenging to identify the manufacturer of a piece of furniture that needs repair.
  2. It’s common to see used furniture sold “as-is.”
  3. Used outdoor furniture may cost more long-term since it is not UV-resistant.

Purchasing Furnishing at Auction

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide
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Are you looking to buy used dining room furniture, for example, dining chairs? Here are some advantages and disadvantages:


  1. If you want to cut costs drastically, auction prices are usually a small portion of retail or wholesale rates.
  2. You can get expensive furnishings at a significant discount if unused.
  3. An auction business could be nearby, depending on your location.


  1. Make plans to deliver the furniture from the auction house to the restaurant.
  2. The auction is only selling the products that are being offered.
  3. There might be little diversity.

Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide
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Restaurant equipment suppliers are an excellent option for sourcing restaurant furniture. While their primary focus may be on kitchen equipment, appliances, and supplies, many suppliers also offer a selection of furniture suitable for restaurants. Here’s how and where you can find restaurant furniture from these suppliers, along with their benefits and drawbacks:

How and Where

To find furniture from restaurant equipment suppliers, you can visit their physical stores or browse their online catalogs. Many suppliers have comprehensive websites where you can explore their product offerings, view specifications, and place orders. Some well-known suppliers in this category include WebstaurantStore and KaTom Restaurant Supply.


One of the key benefits of sourcing furniture from restaurant equipment suppliers is their expertise in the needs of the food service industry. They understand the unique requirements of restaurant furniture, such as durability, ease of cleaning, and compliance with health and safety regulations. Additionally, these suppliers often have a wide range of products, allowing you to find everything you need for your restaurant in one place. They may also offer competitive pricing and special discounts for bulk orders.


A potential drawback of relying solely on restaurant equipment suppliers for furniture is that their selection may be limited compared to specialized furniture suppliers. They may have a narrower range of styles, designs, or customization options. Additionally, while they may have some furniture options available, they may not have as extensive a collection or specialized expertise in furniture compared to dedicated furniture suppliers.

Wholesale Furniture Warehouses

Where Can I Get Restaurant Furniture: 2024 Guide
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Wholesale furniture warehouses are a popular choice for restaurant owners seeking furniture at competitive prices. These warehouses offer a broad selection of furniture and cater to businesses, including restaurants. Here’s an overview of how and where to find furniture from wholesale furniture warehouses, along with their benefits and drawbacks:

How and Where

To locate wholesale furniture warehouses, you can search online directories or use search engines with specific keywords like “wholesale furniture suppliers” or “commercial furniture warehouses.” Some well-known wholesale furniture suppliers include Wholesale Interiors, Furniture Wholesalers, and Global Industrial.


One of the significant advantages of wholesale furniture warehouses is their competitive pricing. They often offer discounted rates for bulk purchases, making them an attractive option for outfitting an entire restaurant. Wholesale suppliers also tend to have a vast selection of furniture styles, designs, and materials, providing you with plenty of options to suit your restaurant’s aesthetic. Additionally, they may offer faster delivery times since they maintain larger inventories.


While wholesale furniture warehouses offer cost savings, some drawbacks should be considered. Firstly, their pricing structures may require minimum order quantities, which might be more than what a small restaurant requires. Furthermore, the emphasis on affordability may sometimes compromise the quality or durability of the furniture. It’s essential to thoroughly research and read customer reviews to ensure the quality matches your expectations.