EPL 2022/23 Who Can Be the Champion This Year?

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EPL matches are the absolute treat for the football fans who get to see top flight clubs fighting each other in a runaway to lift the ultimate trophy. A trophy that distinguishes the best from the best, the top from the top, the king from the elites! The English Premier League is not only for native football lovers, but for football lovers from all over the globe, for people who are in every corner of this world where the sport is worshiped!

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With the Premier League matches having resumed in full, we are heading towards the anticipated final, which will take place on the 28th of May 2024. And we are surely heating up as we are waiting to see which club is going to be the absolute TOP club in one of the world’s most iconic, popular, distinguished and respected football leagues.

Who are the main contenders of the 2022/23 EPL?

EPL 2022/23 Who Can Be the Champion This Year?
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Manchester City and Arsenal are sitting at the top of the EPL table, with the Gunners being ahead by eight points and the Citizens holding the second place. They are having superb performances up to now and they are both exhibiting very strong determination to go not only deeper in the competition, but as deep as it gets to get crowned.

Arsenal is now parading as the first favorite to win the Premier League title. Bookies price Arsenal at about 5/6, while they give Manchester City 11/8 to win it. Mikel Arteta’s team has shown exquisite commitment and unique devotion, both of which have brought them to the top of the EPL standings and this has brought bookies to set the Gunners at the top of favorites as well.

On the other hand, Guardiola’s squad is second favorite to be the winner, quite expectedly considering their strengths, dynamics and their skills brought in the field every time they make appearances.

Following these two we have Manchester United priced at 12, Newcastle United priced at 33 and Liverpool at 150. The next favorite club is far away – Tottenham Hotspur  at 350. And then the rest of the clubs are millions miles away!

There are more than four months separating us from the final of EPL and despite the fact that this only makes our anticipation stronger, we will enjoy more of the top flight matches!

Will Arsenal win the EPL this year?

EPL 2022/23 Who Can Be the Champion This Year?
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After the FIFA World Cup in Qatar concluded, the English Premier League resumed, and anticipation for the next games in the top division is at an all-time high. After the lengthy break for the World Cup games, not only football enthusiasts, EPL fans, and club supporters are “retaliating,” but also bettors are making a strong comeback.

Recent days have seen a lot of talk about Arsenal’s chances of winning the EPL this season. Following their outstanding performance before the midseason break, Arsenal’s supporters and bettors are trying to determine whether they are indeed likely to win the trophy.

Let’s see what are the chances of Arsenal becoming the Champions of the EPL 2022/23, by looking at four particular aspects:

  1. Arsenal currently leads the English Premier League. This is a good sign that they have a chance to win since they have high spirits, are driven, are more assured, and realize that their efforts are paying off as Arsenal’s best performance assumes shape and form. Additionally, it implies that the footballers have more faith in their ability and inner will to succeed.
  2. Man City is in front of Arsenal. This is advantageous for the team psychologically as well as from a point or statistical perspective. Fans are happy and excited for this “head-to-head” count, and given that Arsenal is a team heavily influenced by its supporters, it is only encouraging to assume that fan excitement will also be shared by the club.
  3. Mikel Arteta of Arsenal is wholly committed to success. Arsenal’s strongest asset, Arteta, has been able to inculcate in his team self-assurance, tenacity, and a success-driven mindset and behavior. This has been made rather obvious by the Gunners’ season-to-date performance. With a leader that is so tenacious, the likelihood of success increases significantly.
  4. Arsenal’s odds for winning the EPL 2022/23 are not very good. Arsenal now has over 28.5% probability of winning the championship, according to bookmakers and betting websites. Sportsbooks’ odds implied approximately 34% of Arsenal winning the EPL before the midseason break and during the World Cup’s midseason break, but the odds have since decreased. This may negatively affect athletes’ psychological well-being.
EPL 2022/23 Who Can Be the Champion This Year?
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Even after taking these four factors into account, it is still difficult to forecast. Arsenal has the potential and the talent to succeed, but there are still challenges ahead of them, and given how things are shifting for the worst, the club’s prospects of success may actually be pretty dire.

Final thoughts and excitement for the upcoming season

The excitement for the upcoming season is palpable, and fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the campaign. There is a lot of speculation as to who will be crowned champion, but what is certain is that the level of competition will be intense. Fans are excited to see how the new players will perform, and how the established stars will adapt to the new season. There is a lot of excitement for the EPL 2022/23 season, and it is sure to be a year to remember. Whether you are a fan of one of the top teams or a supporter of an underdog, the EPL is a league that promises to be an unforgettable experience for all fans.