8 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced as a Service

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Outsourcing is the process of hiring another business to take over a certain business function so you no longer have to perform it yourself or have your employees do it.

Although outsourcing takes away some control over certain parts of your business, it allows you and your employees to focus on other business tasks that are more relevant to daily functions, versus behind-the-scenes functions.

Outsourcing can also save you money in the long run because hiring a professional service ensures that no mistakes are made. Here are eight functions to consider outsourcing for your business.

#1: Shipping and Logistics

With so many people starting e-commerce (or online-only businesses), the outsourcing of shipping and logistics is becoming increasingly popular. Drop shipping services can handle the shipping of products to your customers whether you’re an e-commerce business or an in-person business. This allows e-commerce businesses to focus on the online portion of their business, and in-person businesses to focus on their in-store customers.

#2: Marketing and Sales

Marketing is key to getting your business recognized by the public, and it’s also how you can persuade your target audience to buy from you versus your competitors. Outsourcing your sales and marketing allows a professional to come in and plan strategic marketing campaigns for your company, increasing your sales.

8 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced as a Service
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Marketing is an ongoing process, so you may not be able to devote all of your time to it. Hiring a marketing firm takes this responsibility off your plate. You must outsource the area if your own sales force lacks the expertise to produce bigger sales. Sales should be made with exceptional abilities and appealing methods because they are the main factor in determining a profit margin.

#3: Maintenance and Cleaning

If you’re operating your business out of a building that your customers/clients can walk into, then you’ll need to make sure the building is well taken care of.

Both cleaning and maintenance are important and help provide your customers/clients with a better experience. Outsourcing your cleaning and maintenance to professionals will also ensure that your business is presentable and that everything is functioning as it should.

#4: Information Technology (IT) Support

IT is one of the most outsourced business functions because it’s one of the most complex. Every type of business, no matter what industry it’s in, uses technology in some way, and as advanced as technology is these days, you can still experience issues. These issues often require a specific set of skills to resolve, which is why outsourcing your IT department to a professional is a smart choice.

#5: CyberSecurity

One thing that all businesses need to protect their business is cyber security. Because the majority of information is now stored online (or in the “cloud”) and not on computer hard drives, it’s easier for cybercriminals to gain access to sensitive information. Cyber security services from companies like CyberSainik can detect intrusions and prevent them before they even happen, giving you more peace of mind when running your business.

#6: Human Resources (HR)

8 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced as a Service
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HR is another common business function that is often outsourced. HR deals with everything regarding employees, including interviewing and hiring, onboarding and training, and even termination. They can also manage payroll and employee benefits. By outsourcing HR, even hiring virtual CIO, you’ll be able to access a team of professionals who can handle all of these tasks and allow you to focus on other business tasks.

#7: Customer Service

Good customer service is key to maintaining and attracting customers. Word spreads fast when a business exhibits poor customer service, and people are also quick to report good customer service.

If you’re not able to provide this level of customer service, then it may be worth it to outsource this area of your business. Depending on the type of business you run, you may want either a call center or a chat box available 24/7 to help assist your customers.

8 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced as a Service
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You can outsource your customer care strategy to a third-party contact centre or chat care if your company primarily deals with clients online or over the phone. To achieve this, you must first put procedures in place and ensure that the business handling your customers’ direct interactions has received explicit instructions.

By contracting with a contact center or chat service operator, you may relieve yourself of that stress. You may hire labor at a reasonable price. Hire customer care staff from nations like the Philippines, if possible. Make sure you communicate to your outsourcing partner your preferred customer service approach and any particular expectations.

#8: Accounting and Bookkeeping

The last most commonly outsourced business task is accounting or anything that has to do with a business’s finances. Accounting is already a complex task when it comes to individuals, but it can be even more complicated when it comes to a business.

Outsourcing your accounting tasks to a firm or individual allows you to relinquish the responsibilities of bookkeeping, taxes, and everything else related to the finances of your business.

One job that may be contracted out to a professional is accounting. Businesses may make sure that their financial records are correct and current by employing an accountant.

By spotting tax advantages and other economic variables, an auditor may also assist firms in saving money. The finest tax software for accountants should be used if you own an accounting firm because it will undoubtedly greatly enhance your job.

No matter which part of your business you choose to outsource, make sure you’re outsourcing to a reputable company. Even though you won’t be directly in charge of these outsourced functions, your business will still face the consequences of a poor job.

8 Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced as a Service
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So make sure that the company you choose has great reviews and that they know how to do the job they’re advertising.