How To Know if Someone is Watching You Through Your Phone Camera?


How To Know if Someone is Watching You Through Your Phone Camera? (Podcast)

In this day, and within the electronic age, our privacy has become a most precious commodity. Privacy invasion has become rampant, with us always using electronic gadgets and living on social media.

In addition, with the continuous renewing and upgrading of these devices, added with new features like cameras, it has become easier to spy on and be spied on.

It all brings us towards asking the question, “how to know if someone is watching you through your phone camera?”

For us ordinary people, the answer to the question won’t be one we can respond to first off.

If questions like this get asked, and we don’t have an answer for them. It’s high time we wise up and find out if it’s possible.

This can be done by searching for the available answer if we took the time and look for it.

At our site, this question’s answer will be made clear to you, and you will also read about methods of protecting your phone. Be it from Hacking, Phishing, or overall electronic gadget protection.

Question 1: Can Someone Watch Me Through The Camera of My Phone?


Yes, most IT professionals and those in the known, agrees on it. Most of them look at the Android phone to be more vulnerable to it as the iPhone has more inbuilt safety measures that make it more difficult.

However, it does not indemnify it from becoming vulnerable too. As per research paper on, camera-based attacks on android smartphones by Anushree Pore and Mahip Bartere, this is new internet security threat has been emerged through any hacker can take control over phone cameras and capture precious data such as passwords, Current location, etc.

Hacker researchers find glitches in the OS and other popular applications, allowing them access to gadgets and their cameras from where they could watch your every move.

They were at it till security researchers also find these glitches. These researchers informed the OS and app manufacturers about it asking them to fix those and produce introduced protection measures needed to be installed with the applications.

Other studies carried out via PEW studies institute also look at this equal topic “Can a person watch me via the camera of my phone.”

By learning from over a million apps they find that it can happen. The research finds that thousands of apps are qualified to activate both the front and back view cameras on your phone.

It also comes to light that they can live stream the video anywhere. This all can happen without your awareness.

Both Android and Apple apps can do this. Luckily for Android or iPhone users, ordinary people like the creep next door or your next of kin cannot do it.

The able ones are mostly app manufacturers or developers and the government of the day. A scary fact for the government to play big brother.

With this little bit of information, you already can form a picture of How can someone watch you through your phone camera. Just to know the government can watch your every move let people tape close their cameras with dark tape.

Question 2: How To Know if Someone is Watching You Through Your Phone Camera?


Indications of Spying

  1. Phones setting and storage: The most thrilling thing about your phone’s camera is the ability it has to switch from front to rear camera with just a click. This feature can be a guard if you can remember which camera was used last, and if it’s the other way around it can be possible you have a spy on it.
  2. The camera app turns on and off without a command.
  3. The camera switches from front to rear without a click from you.
  4. Always remember or try to remember the settings on your phone and your camera, if it is different from what you remember it can also be a possibility.
  5. Storage space that quickly fills: Our videos and photos are usually saved on the phone storage space. Once it fills up too quickly to your likes it can also be an indication. If there are photos or videos you can’t remember taking and save there can also be an indication. 
  6. Apps you’ve uninstalled are still running in the background: Always inspect and search for apps that run in the background. Finding apps you did not install is a big red flag.

Indication of Spying For iPhones

Most of our important files are saved on our iPhones. This makes them especially a target of would-be scammers and spies. 

Here are indications:

  1. Inconsequential apps: Spyware hides within applications. An app you didn’t install is a sign of spying.
  2. iPhone Jailbreaking: “Rooting” is the iPhone language for jailbreaking and it hides malicious apps away from the screen. Malware gets installed in this manner. If the jailbreaking wasn’t your doing then another person might watch you.
  3. Messages you didn’t send , Outgoing messages that did not originate from you. 
  4. Bad picture quality: iPhones are known for their bright picture quality. Spyware decreases the quality of your pictures and screenshots. Another indicator to look out for.

Question 3: How is it Possible That Someone will be Getting Your Phone Camera Access?

Answer :

This gets possible when we download and install doubtful apps. We also without thinking click accept not contemplating the consequences of the terms and conditions which will be permitting the app to access our camera or microphone.

It can also be possible that we click on a link in phishers message without being aware of its malicious intent.

This link can switch on a distant entry Trojan once opened. This will allow them to enter every single file on your device and also your camera. In high-risk zones, it’s advised to cover your front camera. 

Question 4: How To Get Rid of Spyware on Your Gadgets?


Here are several methods: 

  1. Always have a trusted anti-virus application enabled on your phone. Although Apple devices have more inbuilt security it’s highly recommended to have an anti-virus application for them. spyware-useful-for-watching-someone-through-his-phone-camera
  2. Do a factory default reset. However, first backup your files. When resetting use viable, highly reviewed and app store recommended apps. 
  3. Before installing any app make sure to read the app reviews and look for legitimate brand names.
  4. Update the safety of your phone frequently
  5. Passwords: Choose authentic, hard-to-expect passwords for each app’s login. Never use the equal password all over. It`s advised to substitute passwords regularly like in monthly cycles.
  6. Wake up to the danger apps may cause to your devices. Before pressing yes to install make sure it`s the A-one thing to do. 



It’s highly advised to keep cyber security in your mind while engaging with and on your device.  Too many of us don’t think too much about it and that’s where we become careless.

With being careless we open up a door for the hacker or unscrupulous and then get scammed. Now that we are aware of the answers to the question “How to know if someone is watching you through your phone camera?” it’s prudent to follow the safety measures and keep us out of the big brothers’ eyes.  

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