4 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard Swimming Pool

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Are you looking to create the perfect oasis right in your backyard? Whether you’re hosting a pool party for all your friends or just want to have a romantic evening swim, we’ve got the perfect lighting ideas to illuminate your swimming pool and give it a magical glow. So put on your swimsuit and let’s get started!

Types of Pool Lighting

4 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Whether you own an in-ground pool or an above-ground one, there are a variety of swimming pool illumination to consider that can enhance the atmosphere of your backyard oasis.

The main types of lighting used for swimming pools include underwater, LED floodlights, wall-mounted lights, solar lanterns, and tiki torches. Each has its own advantages which makes adding one or more to your pool area a great way to step up your backyard decor game in one fell swoop.

  • Underwater Lights: They are a staple decorative feature for residential backyard pools. Installed into the walls of your pool, they create subtle light stippling across the surface that is both visually attractive and calming.
  • LED Floodlights: Mounted around the perimeter of the pool wall or patio area, LED floodlights can provide soft illumination without overwhelming the area with too much brightness. These waterproof fixtures come in various shapes and sizes to fit any budget or design style.
  • Wall-mounted Lights: For a touch of style and functional lighting at night, look no further than a wall-mounted light fixture that can be mounted easily on any flat surface such as near the diving board or slides if you have them. These exterior grade lights come equipped with motion sensors so they will automatically turn on when it gets dark making sure safety always comes first.
  • Sun Lanterns: If you want illuminating but not overly bright pool lights look no further than sun lanterns that use solar power to charge up during daylight hours and turn on as soon dark sets in perfect for those night swim under the stars! Solar-powered LEDs offer reliable convenience while providing plenty of warm accent light at night perfect all around!
  • Tiki Torches: Adding these traditional outdoor torches around the edge of your swimming pool may sound like a headache but it doesn’t have to be with modern flameless models now available Tiki torches replicate flickering flame but without any open fire risk so you can feel secure about entertaining late into the evening without worries about safety hazards or smells from smoke drifting nearby guests!

DIY Pool Lighting Ideas

4 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard Swimming Pool
Source: bobvila.com

DIY pool lighting ideas allow you to easily transform the look and feel of your outdoor space without investing in expensive equipment or professional installation. There is a wide range of options available, from traditional hanging flood lights to floating waterproof lamps and even soft, ambient solar ones. If safety and security are your priority, consider hard-wired options that can be integrated with a home automation system for added convenience and control.

It requires planning to ensure the desired effect is achieved. The placement of fixtures should be considered carefully; if you need more illumination in the shallow end or along certain pathways, that will have an impact on which lights should be used. Do some research into different types of lamps that are suitable for pools and decide which is best for your specific needs and preferences. Once you’ve settled on a lighting plan, contact an electrician if necessary to help with installation.

DIY Ideas include

4 Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard Swimming Pool
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  1. Solar Powered Lighting: They are a great way to bring natural light into the swimming area without drawing too much power from the main grid. They come in many shapes and sizes, including floating globes or lanterns that can give great ambiance around any pool at nightfall – plus, they’re inexpensive!
  2. Floating Pool Lighting: This is easy to install by simply dropping it into the water like a buoyant platform boat light – no wiring required! Waterproof lamps such as this come in many sizes and colors too; some even feature color-changing or programmable settings!
  3. Underwater: These bright LED lamps provide vibrant patches of light under the surface when suspended from metal posts above ground level – perfect for emphasizing architectural features around the decking area! Remember not to aim these fixtures directly at swimmers while they’re using the pool though – eye protection may become necessary if faint glimmers cause discomfort when viewed at length up close.
  4. Wall Operating Lights: They don’t require much installation effort other than hooking them up to a power source as they typically have their own brackets included. Spend time adjusting their aim before turning them on though; this type of lamp provides plenty of direct illumination but can become overwhelming if focused towards swimmers directly so try aiming them away towards walls instead!

Cost Considerations

When it comes to lighting your backyard swimming pool, it is important to factor in costs associated with the installation of safety features. Low-voltage ones are cheaper than those that require a high-voltage current. However, the system will become more expensive when you install additional equipment, such as transformers and dimmers.

Before making any decisions on which to buy, make sure you ask an electrician for advice – they can help take into account any local regulations regarding wiring a swimming pool and outdoor lighting systems. The electrician can also provide an estimate of expected labor costs for installing the lighting system.


To wrap up, when it comes to illuminating your backyard swimming pool, there are a multitude of possibilities. Whether you prefer a natural, ambient glow from solar lights or the dramatic look of underwater lighting, the choice is yours. Each of these lighting options come with their own sets of pros and cons and can be selected based on your individual needs and preferences.

LEDs are becoming increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor lighting due to their energy efficiency and long-lasting capabilities, but other types of lights can make an impact too. Finally, safety is always a priority when adding any type of electrical equipment to your home so make sure to adhere to all local codes and regulations before making any changes.