How To Know If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Infected – 2024 Guide


With growing age, many problems and setbacks come into life, but the ones related to health are the most annoying and disturbing. One of the problems that come into life right after adolescence is the growth of wisdom teeth. Most adults get the wisdom tooth in their late teens, but some get it in their early twenties. As the last tooth appears in the mouth, it usually appears in a strange position.

The growth also affects the person’s oral hygiene. It is a common issue, but people from Texas are famous for solving this issue in the best possible manner. As Texas has the best dental experts, people rely on them to get the best treatment. Infections often develop in the wisdom tooth due to remaining food particles and bacterial growth.

In that case, the person with the infection should choose an oral surgeon in Texas to get the right treatment and medication. Texas residents are well-known for their medical knowledge, so they can be relied on to provide appropriate treatment. But one should know if their wisdom tooth is infected or not. Here is how you can know if your wisdom tooth is infected:

Gum Swelling Can Be A Symptom

How To Know If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Infected - 2024 Guide

As mentioned above, most people experience pain during the growth of the wisdom tooth. This pain is distinct from other types of tooth pain because it spreads to the jaws and gums. However, one must first determine whether or not the gums are swollen to detect infection. If there is a pain in the gums and swelling as well, then there can be a chance of infection in the tooth.

Aside from that, the color of the gums changes as the infection progresses, becoming redder during this time. To check if there is any swelling in the gums, one can touch the spot of the wisdom tooth and feel the swelling and bump with the help of their hand. While touching, one can easily check if the gums are swollen. If there is any difficulty in checking the swelling, then taking the help of an oral expert is the best option.

Bleeding In The Gums Can Be Another Symptom

One of the biggest reasons for getting this type of infection is the challenge of cleaning the tooth properly. While brushing and flossing, it gets hard to make the brush reach the exact spot of the wisdom tooth. It is mostly located in the back part of the mouth. As a result, food particles become stuck together over time, causing problems such as infections. But one can easily spot the infection and treat it.

Another symptom that can help in identifying the infection is bleeding gums. Gums also bleed in other types of infections, but if the blood is coming from the location of the wisdom tooth, then one can get an idea of the infection. The bleeding gums are easily noticeable during brushing and flossing, as one can spot the blood particles in the floss. If the bleeding occurs frequently, it is critical to seek the assistance of a dentist or an oral surgeon.

Infected Wisdom Tooth Can Lead To Swelling Around The Jaw

How To Know If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Infected - 2024 Guide

Infection in the tooth causes pain in the gums and tooth roots, but sometimes the infection reaches the tip of the root and bones. This can affect the jaw and cause swelling. The swelling can be easily identified as it is visible from the outside. It mostly happens when the infection is severe and affects all parts of the mouth. The jaw’s bone also gets affected by this, and one can feel pain in the jawline.

If someone is experiencing swelling of the jaws along with swelling in the gums, then there is a huge chance of an infection in the wisdom tooth. The bacteria that causes the infection reaches the bones and roots and causes all these issues. The case of swelling in the jaw can be treated with the help of effective medicines, but when the case is severe, it might require a surgery process.

The best treatment for reducing the swelling in the jaws is to provide cold treatment to that area. One can use an ice pack, but if the situation is not improving, only a dentist or oral surgeon can help reduce the swelling near the jaw area.

A Bad Taste In Mouth And Bad Breath Can Be Another Symptom

How To Know If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Infected - 2024 Guide

The difficulty in cleaning the tooth causes a bad taste in the mouth. One can easily identify this taste as it differs from bad food or drinks taste. The individual can feel the bad taste even when nothing is inside the mouth. If someone is not eating anything but still experiences a bad taste, it can indicate infection in the newly appearing tooth. This taste can create a very irritating experience for the individual.

Another symptom of infection is bad breath in the mouth. The infection is usually caused by decay and a cavity in the tooth. This cavity and decay result in bad breath. Bad breath can be treated temporarily by using mouth fresheners, but if the issue is not resolved, the person should seek the help of a dentist to get a permanent solution.

If someone is experiencing bad breath and taste together, it can be due to an infection in the wisdom tooth. In this case, one can also face difficulty opening the mouth. This infection can also affect other teeth and spread the bacterial infection. As there is barely any space between the teeth, the spreading process can happen quickly, which is why getting treatment in the early stages of infection is best.

Any negligence in the treatment can cause other issues like cysts, which are even more painful and can create problems with eating and swallowing food. An oral surgeon can easily provide the best solution for curing tooth issues.


Any infection in the mouth can cause pain and discomfort, but infection in the wisdom tooth is much more irritating as the position of the tooth is difficult to reach. This issue is common, and one cannot stop it from happening. But one can treat the issue effectively with the help of medication and surgery. If symptoms like bleeding gums, swelling gums, bad taste and breath, and swelling in the jaws happen all together, then there are high chances of infections in the tooth.
It can lead to severe gum diseases and cysts in the mouth, which can spoil the person’s oral hygiene. That is why it is advised to consult the dentist or oral surgeon at the right time. As oral hygiene affects an individual’s overall health, avoiding it is not a smart decision.